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Content choosing a great essay topic what works
We are going into a semester filled with promise of getting good grades. The one grade that we all want to try to get that elusive A on is the English paper. Whether the style the professor requires is argumentative, critical thinking, narrative, or research we want the topic to be one that no one else has chosen in our class, and we want it to be fresh and new in its delivery.
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Nobody can imagine life without social networks. People use them not only to create a desired image in the eyes of surroundings, but it also serves as a powerful promotional tool, no matter who you are: an individual owning a little corner shop or a large corporation that exports their expensive products worldwide.
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Compare your life moments in high school with time spent in college and find yourself in this cool comic-looking infographic.
Content fun classes in college
College is for serious higher learning. That is what you have been told. You are anticipating really tough courses, lots of essays and papers to write, and tests to study for that could keep you up to all hours of the night. Yes, all of this is true. You will have courses that you absolutely hate (but they are required, so bite that bullet), courses that are okay, and others you love.
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