Crowdsoursing  1
By: Marie Fincher

September 11, 2015

Crowdsourcing is simply the process of enlisting the help of the general public to accomplish a task. Crowdsourcing campaigns have include asking for the public's contribution to the following tasks.Read more
By: Marie Fincher

September 09, 2015

Why is it that several equally qualified candidates can interview for a job, but only one or two will make to the second or interview or be offered a job? Clearly each candidate had a resume or CV that warranted a callback. Therefore, it must be the interview that is causing people to be culled. Read more
5 paragraphessay

September 04, 2015

You learned the basics of a 5-aragraph essay way back in middle school. Over time, however, as your writing tasks and topics became more complex, so did your essay structures. Once you get into English comp class in college, however, you will be required to write quite a number of 5-paragraph essays, and so it is probably time to review how to structure one.Read more
Improving writing skills  1

August 31, 2015

There are so many benefits to having good writing skills. You will fare much better on your papers and other classroom assignments for one thing. If you work, the ability to effectively communicate in writing is always a boon. There are even situations in everyday life where good writing skills are extremely useful.Read more

August 26, 2015

Using quotes in an essay can serve several purposes. If you are trying to argue a point in your essay, a quote from a respected professional can add authority to your writing. You can also use a quote as an attention getter in your introductory paragraph. Quotes can inspire readers, make them laugh, and make them think. Read more

August 17, 2015

Nationalism is defined as strong, even extreme patriotism and pride in one’s country, so much so that it may lead to conflicts with other nations that are also highly nationalistic. The rise of nation states in the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe, for example, gave rise to extreme competition to establish overseas empires. The end result, of course, was a number of wars, culminating in two World Wars.Read more
Management research paper  1
By: Marie Fincher

August 07, 2015

For some college students having a job is what allows them to have an active social life. For other college students, having a job is even more important. These students rely on the income that they earn to meet their basic living expenses. The problem is that good jobs for college students are not always easy to come by.Read more
Article critique essay

August 03, 2015

If you have not before writing an article critique essay, you may have some questions about how exactly to produce such an assignment. Many students seem to believe that it is really just a glorified book report but on a much shorter piece of writing.Read more
By: Marie Fincher

July 30, 2015

Do you feel as if you simply aren’t accomplishing what you need to each day? Are constantly late, running behind on assignments, or staying up all night to get anything done? If so, you might have a productivity problem. Read more
By: Marie Fincher

July 29, 2015

It can be difficult to discern the difference between a letter of motivation and a cover letter. To be honest, sometimes both documents are used in the same way and the only difference is that somebody has introduced a new word to make the same thing appear to be different. Read more