Writing Prompts and Ideas for Your Death of a Salesman Essay

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April 10, 2015

In modern day literature, there are a few works that are so iconic that every high school and college student will be expected, at some point, to read and study them. Some examples of these are, To Kill a Mockingbird, I Know why the Caged Bird Sings, The Catcher in the Rye, etc. Each of these works has one thing in common. They are novels. This is why Death of a Salesman is so remarkable. It is one of the few plays that has a place in the 'must read' category of academia. Because of this, almost every college student will have to write a Death of a Salesman essay. If you are in a class in which this play is being read, there is a good chance that you are pondering potential Death of a Salesman essay topics for your writing assignment. Death of a Salesman essays should reflect Arthur Miller’s talent for dialogue and character development. If you are struggling with beginning an essay on Death of a Salesman, here are some Death of a Salesman essay questions and Death of a Salesman essay prompts that will hopefully get you started.

Essay topics for Death of a Salesman related to Biff

  • Write a Death of a Salesman analysis essay on Biff during his teenage years. Was Biff a rapist?
  • Write an essay on Death of a Salesman that explores Biff's and Willy's confrontation with one another, during which Biff angrily tells his father that they are both a “dime a dozen.”
  • In literature, film, and television, the name 'Biff', has largely been used to portray characters who are brutish, sexist, bullies, lacking social graces. Write a Death of a Salesman symbolism essay that explores why Miller selected this name for Biff. Also, consider writing a Death of a Salesman essay comparing the character Biff from Back to the Future, with the character Biff from Death of a Salesman

Ideas for writing Death of a Salesman Essays about Linda

  • Write a Death of a Salesman theme essay about Linda's need to protect Willy.
  • Some essays on Death of a Salesman depict Linda as being weak and easily manipulated. Is this because Arthur Miller did not treat this character fairly? Write a Death of a Salesman critical essay exploring Arthur Miller’s development of Linda.

General Essay Questions for Death of a Salesman

  • Carefully read the Death of a Salesman essay introduction. What is Arthur Miller trying to say? How does he use foreshadowing in the first part of the essay?
  • Write a Death of a Salesman conflict essay that addresses Willy's internal torment versus the way he portrayed himself to others? Was Willy manipulative, delusional, or both?
  • Write an essay about Death of a Salesman that addresses the fallacy of the American dream.  You might want to reference Henry David Thoreau’s famous quote that most of us lead “lives of quiet desperation.”

Hopefully, these prompts give you a jumping off point to write your essay Death of a Salesman. If you need further assistance on your essay, please visit TrustMyPaper.com. We will help you write the perfect paper on any literary subject.