Writing Ideas for Your Death Penalty Research Paper

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May 09, 2015

Writing a death penalty research paper can be challenging for many reasons. For one thing, it is an emotionally charged subject. Many people have very strong opinions on the death penalty. If you are one of these people, it can be difficult to write a research paper on death penalty issues while maintaining your objectivity. It is also challenging to conduct death penalty research when many of the resources you encounter are also going to be biased. As you begin to read and study information on the death penalty, it is a good idea to be vigilant about your own biases and the potentially biased nature of your sources. As long as you do this, your research paper on the death penalty will be off to a good start. Your next step is to come up with a specific topic for your anti or pro death penalty research paper.

Ideas For an Against Death Penalty Research Paper

You may want to start off by searching the internet for an anti death penalty research paper example. 

The results you uncover may help to inspire you, or they may help you to understand what to avoid as you perform your own research paper death penalty investigation. Here are some prompts for anyone who would like to write death penalty research papers:

  • Are research papers on the death penalty unfairly biased towards defending the use of the death penalty?
  • Argue this point: research on death penalty statistics prove that this penalty is overwhelmingly applied to poor people and minorities.
  • As part of your research on the death penalty, contact a member of the Justice Project. Inform them that you would like to ask them questions about the death penalty for research project. Use this interview as a source. 
  • Write a persuasive essay convincing your readers that the death penalty is not a deterrent.

Essay Prompts for Pro Death Penalty Research Papers

No matter your stance on the death penalty research paper, it is always important to back your opinions with facts and research.  Keep this in mind as you review the following writing suggestions:

  • Make a case to your readers that the death penalty is needed to keep members of society safe.
  • Contact a local politician with a pro-death penalty point of view. Ask him or her what influences their stance. Write a research paper based on this interview.
  • Write a comparison contrast essay on the corrections systems between states that have the death penalty and those that do not.
  • Do some research on other countries that use the death penalty. Write a paper on the benefits the citizens of those countries are realizing.

Hopefully, you have found an idea that will help you write a great research paper! Now all you have to do is write a great introduction, body, and death penalty research paper conclusion! Don't forget about citing your sources and looking up original source material either! If that doesn't seem like very much fun to you, you are not alone. Writing assignments on any topic are a drudgery for many students. If you want to make things easy on yourself, just contact TrustMyPaper.com to learn about paper writing services for college students.