Tips for Writing a JFK Essay

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April 18, 2015

Anyone in high school or college today was born at least 33 years after the Presidency and assassination of John F. Kennedy. And yet, there is a mystique and a quiet rumbling that persists regarding the man, his family, his Presidency, and his death. For this reason, students in a modern U.S. history class will most likely face some type of John F. Kennedy essay, and there are no lack of topics for such an essay. If you need to choose a topic for an essay on JFK, here are some solid ideas for research and writing.

One area to research would be Kennedy’s life before he became President. Good topics might be:

  1. A JFK Courage Essay based upon his Navy duty during World War II and the destruction of his torpedo boat, during which he saved a crewman’s life and led survivors to an island and ultimate rescue.
  2. A John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage essay about the book of the same title that he wrote while recovering from back surgeries. He highlights famous Senators who risked their careers fighting for what they believed. Perhaps you could compare them to tenor of the rather dysfunctional Senate today.
  3. An essay on John F. Kennedy covering the unending tragedies that have befallen his family.
  4. Still another interesting topic would be a JFK Harvard essay about his years at that institution and his senior thesis on the lack of readiness of the Allies for World War II.

A large area of John F. Kennedy essays could relate to his short time as President and the major issues/crises that the nation faced during those days:

  1. Many JFK essays could be written about the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion or the Cuban Missile Crisis that brought us to the brink of war with Russia
  2. Other John F. Kennedy essays might relate to the Civil Rights movement of the time and his fervor for passing civil rights legislation or for his enforcement of the Supreme Court Decision ending segregation of public schools.
  3. And this period of time could also result in a great essay about John F. Kennedy “facing down” the steel companies’ collusion on raising their prices or going after organized crime via his Attorney General brother, Robert F. Kennedy.

Probably the largest topic area in terms of research and speculation is that of Kennedy’s assassination in Nov. 1963, less than three years after the man took office. A JFK assassination essay will require some careful research, because the topic is fraught with contradicting factual information, numerous conflicting theories, and charges of “cover-up.”

Fascinating and intriguing topics might include:

  1. A research-based JFK conspiracy essay that looks at the most common conspiracy theories – that a small group of large capitalists feared his socialistic tendencies; that the “Mob” was angry about his persecution of them; that the Russians wanted revenge after the Cuban missile crisis embarrassment
  2. A “Who killed JFK” essay  could result from all of the research on ballistics reports that filled pages of writing from many experts – some who supported the government conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, and many who insist that witnesses and actual trajectories demonstrate quite another story.

Research will point to many essay about JFK topics that are not even mentioned here, but if you are struggling with a topic, time for adequate research, or with compositional issues, has a number of modern U.S. history academics who are prepared to produce an exceptional essay or paper for you.