Marie J. Fincher

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Marie Fincher

Marie Fincher likes to describe herself as a “grounded” free spirit – someone with a right-brained view of the world but with enough practicality to have a more traditional vocation as a primary teacher. She blames her “practical” side on her parents – a physician father and a secondary school teacher mother.

Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, Marie attended the University of Queensland where she majored in primary education and art. During those college years, she developed a love of travel and photography, and even today, she covets the school vacation times, so that she can explore off-beat locations in other countries, camera in hand. One of her most recent projects involved a two-week sojourn to Vietnam where she interviewed rural villagers, fishermen, tradesmen, and urban business entrepreneurs and professionals, capturing the wide variety of life in this country with her write-ups and photography.

As a Year 4 primary teacher, Marie brings her free-spirit into the classroom, and her children may study physics by flying paper airplanes through the halls of the school or arrive at the Headmaster’s office with a boxful of handwritten notes and artwork, telling him things they like about their school.

Among her other passions, Marie is committed to a number of charitable causes – all centered around children – and she volunteers hours of free time donating her services and her photography skills at special events, especially those that involve handicapped children. Among her other volunteer activities is giving art lessons to children who are hospitalized for cancer treatment.

Marie is not sure where her “right-brained gene” came from, but she promotes it every chance she gets. Her next adventure? She is torn between an African safari in Kenya and a diving expedition to explore the coral reefs around Okinawa. Since she has already purchased underwater camera equipment, it appears the coral reefs will be “calling” her first. 

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By: Marie Fincher

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August 07, 2015

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July 30, 2015

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July 29, 2015

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