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Help Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Company

What kind of writing do you do?

We provide all genres of academic writing for students at any grade level, all the way through graduate and professional programs. This includes any type of writing assignment or project that any student may encounter. We also provide career, professional, business and copywriting.


How long have you been in business?

We have been around for several years, under the same name. This is one of the things that distinguishes us from many other online writing services. Many do not provide professional writing and, when the word gets out, they close and open up under another name. We have operated under the same name since we first opened our doors, because we are professional and reputable.

Do you have an actual company address and how can I contact you?

Yes, we have a corporate headquarters. You may contact us by telephone, email or via live chat on our site. There will always be someone available, 24 hours a day, to assist you.

What makes you better than other online writing services?

We use only degreed writers with experience in the types of writing our customers request. As well, we have a full professional staff to provide exceptional service, and we commit to your complete satisfaction with the final product you receive. Most other services cannot provide the kind of quality and service we do. Please read on to learn more about our assurances, many of which other services do not provide.

The Staff

Where do you get your writers?

We recruit our writers from a variety of areas, but we only employ those with verifiable degrees who have writing experience in specific areas. For example, we may employ a writer with a Master’s degree in history. After that individual has successfully proved his/her writing expertise, we then will allow that individual to produce writing products for high school and undergraduate students in the field of history. Over the years, we have accumulated a professional writing staff in all academic disciplines, at all levels, as well as journalists, business writers, HR pros for customer career needs (resumes and CV’s), and copywriters with experience in producing web content, articles, profiles, blog posts, etc. All of our writers have degrees and experience in their fields and only write in those fields.

How do I know who is writing my order?

When you place your order, you will be given an account portal on our site. When you log into your portal, you will have the opportunity to speak with your writer directly. It is important to us that every customer realize that s/he has a personally assigned writer who is qualified to produce the ordered product. You can ask your writer how the project is going; you can give additional information; you may be asked to answer questions your writer has about your order. And when your order is completed, it is placed on your account page for you to review.

What if I have questions about your services or problems with my order?

We have a full customer service staff so that we can stay open around the clock every day of the year. You may call, email or live chat at any time, and you will always get your questions answered and your problems resolved.   

How do you ensure that what my writer has produced is good?

We never allow a product to go directly from the writer to the customer. Once it is finished, it goes to our Quality Control department for a complete review. There, it is checked against your instructions; resources are verified; English pros check structure, grammar and punctuation; a software scan is run to check for plagiarism. The final product doesn’t come to you until we are confident it is exactly perfect.

Legal Concerns

Is it legal to use a writing service for stuff that I have to turn in?

Yes, it is. First, you are buying a product from an Internet retailer in much the same way you would buy anything else. Unless you are buying contraband, you have the freedom to buy what you wish. We sell a product and a service neither of which is illegal. 

Will I need to let any of my instructors know that I am using a writing service?

No, you do not, and we never will either. All information is 100% secure. No one will ever know that you are using


Will the paper you write for me be sold again?

No, absolutely not. While other writing services engage in this unfortunate practice, we do not. Once you receive your product, we transfer ownership to you and dump it from our system. No one else will ever have your piece of writing.

Do you guarantee that nothing will be plagiarized?

Yes, we do guarantee this. We use standard software that is used by all schools to check for plagiarism before sending the final draft over to you for approval.

Can you guarantee that no one will find out that I have ordered writing from you?

Yes, we can. Your information is encrypted and protected by the latest firewall technology. And we do not ever sell, share of distribute customer information.

Is your sight secure for making online payments with credit cards?

Yes. We use an off-site payment processor – the same one that major online retailers use. NO one in our offices ever has your credit or bank information. The payment processor is SSL certified.

If I don’t like my essay, what will you do for me?

Any customer can request revisions on a final draft if they are not satisfied. These are done for free. Check out the Revision Policy on our site for more detail.


Are our prices comparable to other writing services?

Our prices are a bit higher than other services, because we do not do business like they do. We only used professional English-speaking writers, we produce only custom original writing which is sold only to one individual, and we have strong customer service and support for our customers. Still, you will find pricing reasonable, and you will know up front exactly what that price will be. We also have discounts – check them out on our Discount Page.

How and when do I pay?

You may use any major debit or credit care, PayPal, e-check or wire transfer. We do expect payment at the time of order placement, and we cannot assign a writer until that payment is made. 

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