Revision Policy

Our customers tell us that ours is the best writing service they have ever used, and that they are always confident that the writing they receive will be of great quality, unplagiarized, and ready to turn in. They also know that if they are not completely satisfied with a product, they can as for revisions and get them quickly and without charge.

If you need to request revisions, there are two ways to do so.

  • When you review your final draft on your account page, there is a link for revision request. Please indicate what you want changed, and submit it – we will acknowledge that it has been received and your writer will begin as quickly as possible.
  • You can contact the customer support department directly and request your revisions. They will be happy to forward that request to your writer for you.

Most Revision are Free: In the following instances, a customer revision request will not involve any additional charge. We ask that customers be very specific about the changes they want, so that are no mis-understandings.

  • If any instruction on your order was not followed precisely, you may request that it be fixed. For example, you may have requested an outline or a table of contents and did not get it; or you may have requested 5 resources and the writer only used 4; perhaps the incorrect format was used on your title page or on in-text citations. These types of things are our fault, and of course they will be fixed for free.
  • Very rarely, the customer and the writer have a different concept regarding the order. Suppose, for example, that the assignment is to summarize an article in a journal. The writer prepares a summary, but, upon reviewing it, the customer realizes that no personal response has been included.  In this instance, there has been mis-communication between writer and customer, and, usually, the revision can be accomplished quickly.
  • A customer may wish the order of paragraphs changed – this is also quickly accomplished.
  • A customer may also request a new writer for revisions, and we are happy to accommodate that request, if another qualified writer is available.

Revisions With Fees Attached: A customer always have the right to request any revisions, but there are certain situations in which additional fees may apply:

  • Anytime a revision request changes the original order instructions, there will be a fee applied to that change. For example, if you ordered 5 resources and really needed 6, your writer will be happy to adjust accordingly. However, we will have to calculate an additional fee.
  • If a customer wants additional content added that was not in the original order, there may be a fee for this. We treat all content revision requests individually.

To avoid extra fees for revisions, we urge all of our customers to be very specific in their order instructions and to communicate directly with their writers regarding these instructions. Customers must also understand that, should a fee be applied to a revision request, we cannot begin that revision until payment is made.

Revision Request Procedure

  • When your writer has completed your order, the final draft will be uploaded to your personal account page, and you will notified by email that it is ready for your review. Please go to your account page, open it, and review it carefully. If you want some revisions, do not click the “approve” button. There is another link to request revisions. Click on it and give us precise details of what you want changed, then submit that request. You may also contact the customer support desk to request those revisions.
  • You may also request revisions even after you have taken delivery of your writing, but you must meet our deadline for doing so. You will have 7 days after delivery to request revisions. (For longer works, that time frame is doubled). However, your request cannot alter the specifics of your original order, or there will be a fee. Sometimes, for example, within that 7-day period, a student will have submitted the assignment and receive it back with revision instructions from the instructor or professor. S/he may send us a copy of the piece with the instructor’s comments and request those revisions. If you are outside of the 7-day time frame, however, the request will become a new order, and payment will be required.

Our writers work hard to please every customer and are diligent about following customers’ instructions. When a customer requests a revision that is outside of those original instructions, the writer must spend time to accomplish them and should be compensated accordingly. We will calculate any additional charge and inform you of the amount as quickly as possible, so that time is not wasted.

New Deadline: When a customer requests revisions that are quite substantial, we will have to set a new time line for delivery. For this reason, we ask customers to plan ahead when they place their orders. The more time there is between order placement and the customer’s need for the final product, the better we can serve them.

We have a huge success rate of customer satisfaction with their final drafts, the first time they receive them. However, we also understand that there will be revision requests from time to time. It is our policy to get those done quickly, whether for free or for additional cost, so that customer satisfaction is attained. Should you have additional questions about our Revision Policy, please get in touch with the customer service center.