Labvelocity - a virtual lab

Labvelocity is a website that helps researchers and academics by simplifying the research process and making routine tasks easier to complete. The team behind Labvelocity has also developed ResearchLink, a website that provides researchers with access to valuable information just a click away. After you register (which is absolutely free), you will be able to benefit from all of its perks, including:

The best part about the “file cabinet” is that it can be used as a virtual lab. Instead of trying to organize all your information in the real-life lab where you can easily lose it, you can use the virtual lab for better organization. Your “file cabinet” is ideal for quick access to all the information you are working on within the lab and using for your research.

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Likewise, you can use other features offered by ResearchLink to help you with essay writing. One of these is Medline Alerts. When you perform a Medline literature search, you might decide to save it for later. The Alerts feature will notify you of any newly published literature relevant to your past searches based on keywords, author, title, etc. The new literature will be saved as links in your “file cabinet” automatically. In addition to that, you can also get emails when new articles are available that fit your search.

To put it simply, Labvelocity is the perfect choice for any researcher or student who needs help during the research process. The website has a large database with links to commercial suppliers as well as features meant to aid researchers with their work. It’s a truly valuable treasure that every researcher, student, and academic should use to simplify their work and enjoy the process more.

For instance, you might be doing research or lab work in biotechnology or life science. Biotechnology is all about using biology to solve related problems and create products for multiple purposes. By far one of the most well-known aspects of biotechnology is genetic engineering. This type of engineering is used by scientists studying the DNA of different living organisms and tailoring the said DNA during experiments.

When it comes to practical use, biotechnology is pretty much fundamental for health and medicine. New drugs and products can be developed thanks to the latest discoveries in biotechnology. The field itself has been around since the 1960s when the first molecular and cellular tools (similar to the ones used in what is considered modern biotechnology) were first developed.

On a larger scale, life sciences study living organisms as well. This includes everything from human beings to animals to plants to microorganisms. At their core, life sciences are about studying life itself. Life science and physical science are considered to be the two major branches of natural science. But while physical science is about studying non-living matter, life science is about studying life, as noted earlier.

More often than not, biology is considered to be the primary life science with all the other ones being its subdisciplines:

This is not a complete list, but it already shows just how vast the scope of life sciences is. Discoveries in life sciences impact almost every aspect of our lives. As explained earlier, they are important for the health and medicine industry, but they are also used in fields such as agriculture, pharmacy, food, and others.