Writing Essays on Medieval Literature

Just like anything else, writing essays is a skill. For some students, it is easier to develop their own writing style, understand the basics of essay structure, and quickly start writing quite impressive essays. But for other students, it may take some time to even get to the level where they can produce a decent essay. Unfortunately, not all students have the same kind of knack for essay writing.

This is precisely why so many students every year struggle with writing essays. Whether you are in middle school or high school or maybe you are already getting your graduate degree, you may be wondering why it always takes you so long to write an essay that you aren’t embarrassed to submit. And once you submit it, you may still be disappointed with the grade you received considering just how much time and effort you put into the paper.

It can be even more difficult to write essays for specific subjects. For instance, writing essays on medieval literature is notoriously stressful. The language during the medieval period was quite different from its modern form, so simply trying to read a piece of text from those times can be painful. And once you understand everything in the text, you should also be able to formulate your thoughts and ideas about it.

Another issue is structuring the paper. Do you organize your points chronologically or in descending order? And if it’s the latter, then how do you determine this descending order? Using quotes from the text might also mean that you need to explain how you understand specific sentences – the language is quite different, after all. To put it simply, it is quite difficult to put together a high-quality essay on medieval literature.

If you are writing an essay, then you might be considering ways to make the process easier for you and to ensure that you complete the paper successfully. In fact, you may be thinking something along the lines of, “How can I pay someone to write my paper for me?” If this is the case, then you should definitely look for professional academic writing services where you can connect with a writer who will help you complete your essay on time.

Students writing essays on medieval literature will likely be particularly interested in connecting with other students, researchers, and academics working on this topic. This is why it may be a good idea for you to look for institutes and universities working with medieval literature in such a way. One of these institutions that is currently doing research on medieval literature is the Medieval Institute Publications.

The Medieval Institute Publications (or MIP) is a university press at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The University is famous for its annual medieval congress while the MIP primarily publishes literature from the late antique, medieval, and early modern interdisciplinary fields. It also publishes a series of affordable classroom texts specifically for the Consortium for the Teaching of the Middle Ages (or TEAMS).

Established in 1978, the MIP also includes the Arc Humanities Press which publishes global pre-modern history books and related literature. Both the MIP and Arc work together with Amsterdam University Press in acquisitions and marketing. Every year, the three publishers work with over 200 scholarly titles in late antique, medieval, and early modern fields of study as well as in related humanities fields, including digital humanities and cultural heritage.

If you are working on an essay on medieval literature, then you will definitely find many like-minded people at Western Michigan University and those working at the MIP. The publisher’s focus on Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse literature will be especially useful for students writing about medieval works of literature that fall into either of these categories.