If you have never considered using a college paper writing service before, we want you to consider it now. Perhaps you have heard some horror stories from fellow students who have gotten “ripped off” by some online writing services; perhaps you have not until now reached a “crunch point,” at which the essay and paper assignments have just become too much.

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We encourage all of our customers to provide feedback after their orders have been fulfilled.

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We encourage all of our customers to provide feedback after their orders have been fulfilled.








We encourage all of our customers to provide feedback after their orders have been fulfilled.

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College Papers on Your Terms

Whatever your reason, wants you to know that there are a few exceptional and ethical writing services, and we are one of them. Take the next few minutes to learn all that we can do for you.

What We are Not

We are not a service that just offers college papers for sale. You can find those anywhere, and they will be happy to sell you pre-written papers from their databases. Unfortunately, these papers have been sold before, possibly many times, and you will not be able to submit them for your course assignments.

We are not a foreign-based company, using non-native English speaking writers. Those writers have poor English skills, and the papers they produce will be filled with grammatical errors, if, in fact, they are even original. Again, you will not be able to submit them.

What We Are

We are a professional writing service that delivers original, custom-written essays and papers to students, based upon their specifications. Each piece of writing we produce is in response to an individual order from a student, written from scratch only after it has been ordered. Any student who says to us, “Write my college paper for me,” will receive a personal writer who is eminently qualified to produce it. Writers

Writing a college paper is a complex task, as you probably already know. You must choose a topic, find the correct research materials, conduct the actual research, organize all of the information and date you gathered, decide upon a thesis, prepare an outline, write the rough draft, edit and revise that draft, and, ultimately, have the final draft that you will submit. Along the way, you have to be certain that all concepts and ideas taken from your research are properly cited according to your professor’s stipulated format style.

Our writers are also intimately familiar with college paper writing. In order to obtain their graduate degrees, they, too wrote many papers, and now they produce them for other students. They love to research and write and many of them do this as a full-time job. Others have retired from their professions, and keep themselves busy doing what they love to do. We are blessed to have the writing staff that we do, and we pay them well for all of their hard work.

The qualifications of our writers are quite stellar. All of them have graduate degrees and are assigned paper writing tasks only in their degree fields. When students order college papers online from, they will always get a writer who knows the subject and who is familiar with the most current and relevant research materials in the topic of the paper.

Other Staff

Customer Support: We have a customer support desk that is manned 24 hours a day so that we can honor all time zones as well as all nervous students who might be up in the middle of the night worrying about essay and paper assignments. We are open for business 365 days a year, and someone will always be there to take your phone call, respond to your emails or engage in live chat. They will take your questions or resolve any issues you may have; they will take your orders and see to it that the appropriate writer is assigned; they will set you up with your own personal account on our site, so that you can discuss the order with your writer, check on progress, and receive your final paper draft for approval.

Quality Assurance: These great people are the ones who check every piece of writing to ensure that it meets our standards for quality – organizational structure, transitions, grammar, style, and, of course, no plagiarism. We guarantee that all of our writing is plagiarism-free, and we back that up with a software scan. We don’t just offer original and custom papers for sale. We ensure that they are of the highest quality available anywhere.

The Guarantees

When you order a college paper from, you automatically are guaranteed the following:

You will have an original written work that reflects all of the specifications you provided when you placed your order.

Your deadline will be met, even if it is quite urgent.

You will enjoy complete confidentiality – no one will ever know that you have used our services.

If you are not completely satisfied with your final product, you simply tell us what you want to be changed, and it will be done for free.

You will receive a new customer discount of 15% and additional discounts with additional orders.

We Do More Than Papers

Of course, our papers and essays for sale service is the bulk of our business. But we want you to know that we also offer all types of academic writing and assistance – book reviews, presentations, editing and proofreading, case studies, admissions and scholarship essays, lab reports, research projects, thesis and dissertation proposals, along with help on any section or chapter, abstracts, math and physics problem sets, any difficult homework assignment, and multiple-choice test taking. And, while college papers and college essays for sale occupy much of our writers’ time, we also serve high school students and those in all graduate and professional programs.

Are You Ready?

If you are ready to say, “Write my college paper,” we are ready for your order. Place it now, get your discount, and “enjoy the ride.”

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