Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions used for the binding agreement between the Company and the Customer of the Company. Every Customer must agree to these Terms and Conditions Agreement when placing an order with the Company.

  • 1. Clarification of the terms

    1.1 “The Agreement” refers to the Terms and Conditions.

    1.2 “The Company” refers to TrustMyPaper.com, which offers various writing services to the Customers.

    1.3 “The Customer” refers to the individual who places an Order with the Company and must agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.

    1.4 “The Messaging System” refers to the messaging system that allows effective communication between the Customer and the Writer/Support Team.

    1.5 “The Order” refers to the request for the Product by the Customer from the Company, which includes a specific set of requirements and sources that will be used while completing the order.

    1.6 “The Product” refers to the work created according to the Order created and delivered to the Customer digitally according to the requirements of the Order.

    1.7 “The Product Revision” refers to the request from the Customer to the Company to make changes to the Product according to the details provided by the Customer in the Order Form.

    1.8 “The Support Team” refers to the Company’s team responsible for organizing and helping with the Order process.

    1.9 “The Writer” refers to a Company’s freelance employee who completes the Orders by delivering their writing services to the Customer as written in the Agreement.

    1.10 “The Personal Credit Balance” refers to the Customer's personal account that is kept by the Company for handling the Customer’s credits after they are deposited to the Customer’s balance at the Customer’s will for payment of the Orders.

    1.11 “The Affiliate Program” refers to the program created for the current Customers of the Company.

  • 2. Order Placing and Registration

    2.1 The Customer must place an Order by completing the Order Form on the TrustMyPaper.com website. Alternatively, the Customer can contact the Support Team for assistance in filling out the Order Form.

    2.2 The Order Form must be used to clarify the scope of work that must be performed, the instructions for the Order, and the terms of delivery. The Customer must provide precise, clear, and concise information about the Order on the Form or to the Support Team Agent who can help in completing the Order Form.

    2.3 The Customer must provide their name, phone number, email address, and country of residence to register their profile.

    2.4 The Customer must have a single account for placing all their Orders with the Company. The Customer must communicate with the Company through a single account. The use of multiple accounts by the Customer for placing Orders is prohibited. If the Customer does not adhere to these conditions, the Company possesses the right to merge the Customer’s personal accounts and update their order history.

  • 3. Order Payment

    3.1 The Company’s pricing system is utilized to decide the amount to be paid by the Customer for the Product that was ordered. The processing of the Order begins immediately after the Order has been paid and the payment has been authorized by the Company.

    3.2 Customers can pay for their Orders in installments as long as they comply with this set of conditions:

    • The price of the Order is equal to or exceeds $500.
    • The amount to be paid cannot be broken down into five or more installments.
    • The first installment is paid immediately after the Customer has received the first link for making the payment.
    • The Customer will receive the Product in parts after each payment is made, as the Writer’s delivery schedule corresponds to the payment schedule. To receive the full paper, the Customer must complete all the payments for the Order.

    3.3 The Payment of the Order can be made by credit card, personal credit balance, or wire transfer. The payment can take between 3 to 14 business days. If a transactional failure occurs, the Customer must check the balance on their card, their limitations for online purchases, card validity, and other factors that could be the cause of the problem. The Customer can then contact the Support Team for help if necessary.

  • 4. Discounts

    4.1 The Company offers different Promotional and Loyalty Program discounts that can be accessed by every Customer.

    4.2 A discount code can be used on Orders that exceed $25.

    4.3 To apply the discount code, the Customer must place the Code in the “Discount Code” field on the Order Form. The discount will only be applied when the code is entered in the appropriate field.

    4.4 “The First-Time Discount” can only be used a single time by the Customer who is placing an Order with the Company for the first time.

    4.5 The Discount cannot be applied when the Customer is benefiting from other offers. It can only be used a single time.

  • 5. Customers Personal Credit Balance

    5.1 Each Customer has a Personal Credit Balance which is used to store an amount of money in the Customer’s Personal Account on the Website for any Orders the Customer places.

    5.2 One Credit equals US $1.

    5.3 The Customer must authorize the transfer of funds to their Credit Balance. When the funds are transferred this way, they cannot be refunded and can be used for future Orders only.

  • 6. Order Process

    6.1 Order Validation: The Company may check the information in the Order repeatedly after the payment of the Order has been completed by the Customer to ensure that the instructions provided in the Order Form match the details entered manually by the Customer during the communication with the Writer/Support Team. In the event of a mismatch, the Writer will be contacted for further clarification.

    6.2 Order Volume: The volume of the Order is estimated by the number of words according to the Company’s standards. 1 double-spaced page equals 275 words, and 1 single-spaced page equals 550 words.

    6.3 Changing Order Details: The Customer can contact the Support Team to provide instructions on any changes to the scope of work that must be done by the Writer. Modifications to the Order such as changes in the complexity or urgency of the Order could require additional payments from the Customer.

    6.4 Resources: The Customer must provide the sources and materials that must be used by the Writer to complete the Order. If the Writer needs a source, the Customer must provide it. The Customer must upload all the sources prior to the Writer being assigned to the Order to ensure timely delivery. In the event that the sources are not provided or provided late, the delivery of the Order could be delayed.

    6.5 Communication: The Messaging System must be used by the Writer and the Customer for communication. The Customer can access the Messaging System from their personal account (in the top right corner of the Order Page). The Messaging System was specially designed to resemble e-mail communication in terms of ease of use and security. The Customer can also contact the Support Team via online chat, e-mail, or phone. The Support Team is available 24/7.

    6.6 Order Progress: The progress of the Order can be checked by the Customer on the page of the Order that can be accessed through their personal account. The Customer can also use one of the Communication channels to ask about the progress of the Order.

    6.7 Order Delivery: The Company is responsible for delivering the Product according to the agreed deadline. The Support Team will contact the Customer if additional time is required for the completion of the Order. The Customer can download the Product from their personal account upon completion. The Customer is responsible for accessing and downloading the Product in a timely manner. The Company is not responsible for potential technical issues on the Customer’s end preventing the Customer from accessing and downloading the Product.

  • 7. Order Revision

    7.1 The Customer can request free revisions or adjustments to the Product within 14 days after the Order’s delivery. If the revision or adjustment is requested after the 14-day period, additional payments may be required from the Customer.

    7.2 The Customer can submit a Revision Request through their personal account by using the “Feedback” and “Any Improvements Required” options.

    7.3 If the original instructions and revision instructions match, a free Revision can be provided. The Company possesses the right to require additional payments to deliver Revision services if the Revision instructions contradict the original Order requirements.

    7.4 The deadline for the Revision must be later than the initial deadline provided by the Customer in the Order Form.

  • 8. The Use of Product

    8.1 The Products of the Company are not to be submitted as the Customer’s personal work. The primary purpose of the Product is to be used as an example the Customer could use for writing their own work.

    8.2 The Company upholds the copyright laws. The Customer is responsible for breaking the Company’s Terms and Conditions.

  • 9. Affiliate program

    The Company’s Affiliate Program is open to all registered Customers. The Program involves the receipt of Credit for the referrals of friends and acquaintances. The Customer can check further details about the Program from their personal account.

  • 10. Miscellaneous Provisions

    10.1 This Agreement outlines all the Terms and Conditions that explain the rights and obligations of the Customer and the Company involved in the Contract. The document and the statements, promises, and inducements in it are to be considered valid and binding for both parties. After the Terms and Conditions have been accepted, all the previous communication and/or agreements between the parties are replaced by this Agreement.

    10.2 If there is a statement in the Terms and Conditions that is in conflict with any State Law, it will have no effect on all the other clauses outlined in the Agreement. The Customer’s rights and obligations will remain the same.

  • 11. Limitation of Liability

    Once the Customer accepts these Terms and Conditions, the Company and its Affiliates (i.e., employees, shareholders, officers, agents, representatives, directors, affiliates, promotions, subsidiaries, advertising and fulfilling agencies, third-party providers or sources of information or data, and legal advisers) are not responsible for any and all losses, rights, damages, claims, and actions of any kind related to the Products, including but not limited to:

    (a)technical issues with the hardware and software used by the Customer as well as issues with the Internet connection;

    (b)digital communication that appears to be incomplete is delayed or fails completely;

    (c)any event that occurs out of the Company’s control that leads to the Product being corrupted or its delivery being delayed;

    (d)any damages or losses that are the outcome of using the services;

    (e)any issues of the printing or typographical kind related to the services.

  • 12. Dissertation Services

    1. The Customer must submit a concrete deadline for their assignment so that the Order can be processed by the Company. The deadline must be within 8 months from the placement date of the Order.

    2. If the assignment must be delivered in chapters, deadlines must be determined for each chapter of the assignment.

    3. If the assignment must be delivered in chapters, they are presented to the Customer by the Writer one at a time after the confirmation of the previous chapter by the Customer. The Writer cannot proceed with the order without the confirmation of their previous work.

  • 13. Amendments

    The Customers are advised to review this Agreement and remember that the Company reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement at any given time.

  • 14. Governing law

    The laws of Cyprus, excluding its conflicts of law principles, govern these Terms and your use of the Service.