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Free Online Plagiarism Checker with Percentage for Students

When students use online professional writing services, they expect to have original pieces written from scratch and according to their instructions. One of the most critical factors in using online writing services is that the pieces of writing they deliver to students are 0% plagiarism. Most writing companies check for plagiarism percentage but do not offer a free plagiarism checker online for a student to use when he asks, “check my paper for plagiarism.”

Sometimes students have written their essays and papers and want to use a plagiarism detector. They will not find an essay plagiarism checker to use on an online writing service – at least not the majority of them. When writing companies do offer additional resources, such as a free plagiarism checker, students come to trust that they are in the business of helping them rather than just making money. While knowing your plagiarism score is good, it is best to ask professionals "write my paper," and there will be no plagiarism issues.

Plagiarism Checker for Students

Let’s face it. It’s easy to get a bit sloppy when doing research for a paper. An author’s words are paraphrased too closely to the real thing, a unique idea is not credited to its owner, and sometimes, even a direct quote is not cited correctly. All these things open a student up for charges of plagiarism, even if they write college papers from scratch with the best of intentions. Having a free online plagiarism checker for students, such as that offered by Trust My Paper, gives a student a neutral, objective source to ensure that no instructor will find plagiarized content in what he has submitted. And having a plagiarism detector that is a unique piece of software not used by anyone else is critical. More on that later.

There is also something called “self-plagiarism.” Most students are unaware of this issue, but it is accurate. Suppose a student has written a previous original piece and run through a common plagiarism detector used by many institutions. Now, he is writing a second piece on a similar topic and has decided to use a small percentage of content from that previous piece. Using that same common plagiarism detector will result in repeated content being flagged as plagiarized. Better to catch this with the Trust My Paper plagiarism checker before turning the paper in.

The consequences of plagiarism become more severe as students move through their schooling careers. A middle school student who writes his first research paper is a beginner and may not fully understand the “rules” of plagiarism. Rather than severe consequences, his teacher will probably re-teach those rules, point out what was plagiarized, and have him rewrite those parts. By high school, things get a little more serious, and students can face severely lowered grades on writing that contains plagiarism. Once in college, a student is expected to know the rules and to produce fully original work. Consequences for plagiarism are severe and can even include expulsion. If a student has any concerns about plagiarism, he must find an online plagiarism checking tool with percentage and clear his piece before submitting it. Trust My Paper has that tool.

Benefits of Free Online Plagiarism Checker by Trust My Paper

Let’s look at probably the most common online plagiarism detector – Turnitin. Most colleges use Turnitin campus-wide so that instructors will check papers for plagiarism through this software. And it’s a free plagiarism checker with percentage. Here is a typical scenario. A student finishes a paper and runs it through Turnitin. It gives him 95% originality, which is acceptable. He then submits that essay to his professor. That professor then runs it through Turnitin, and it comes back plagiarized. The student has some explaining to do, even though he did nothing wrong.

This is probably not your biggest worry when dealing with checking for plagiarism. You just want to ensure you have not goofed and plagiarized something by mistake. Often, these are failures to cite sources correctly or to paraphrase too closely. And if you use a good plagiarism checker with percentage, these issues will be identified so you can fix them.

You will not encounter undetected plagiarism issues when you use the free plagiarism checker on the Trust My Paper website. And there are some other significant benefits when you check a paper for plagiarism through our tool:

  • We provide a 100% guarantee of the results
  • We compare your piece with over 1,500,000 pieces of content on the web
  • We support 150+ languages
  • We use the latest, most sophisticated algorithms
  • It’s super easy to use
  • Shows originality in percentage

How Does Plagiarism Detection Work?

Once you have typed in Google “ check my paper for plagiarism,” you simply access it here, on the Trust My Paper website. The rest is self-explanatory:

  1. Enter the title of the piece/document.
  2. Paste/upload your piece.
  3. Check the box that you agree with the “terms and conditions” and then click the “check for plagiarism” box.
  4. Let the software do its work and provide you with a full report. That report will include the percentage of originality and point out any and all parts with similarities, along with the sources of those similarities.
  5. If you need to fix some things, you can run the piece through the checker again until you have the desired results.
  6. Once you have the results you want, you can download your report and turn it in with your work.

Once you have used it, you will believe ours is the best plagiarism checker you will find.

Advantages of Plagiarism Checker by Trust My Paper

Using Trust My Paper online plagiarism checker has several advantages that make it the preferred checker of most clients. These include the following:

  • You get a full report that will let you fix any issues quickly and be confident that you can turn in your work without worry.
  • You can check your paper for plagiarism as many times as necessary.
  • Our free plagiarism checker is free, no matter how many times you want to use it.
  • Your use of our plagiarism checker is confidential, and it is fast. You will get your report, usually within minutes, unless the piece is lengthy.
  • Accuracy is guaranteed because we use the latest software and algorithms.
  • You can drag and drop any type of file you have - .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, .pdf, .odt.
  • Our checker is super simple to use. Once you try it, you’ll want to use it for every piece you write.
  • Can I check my essay for plagiarism for free online?

    Yes, you can find an online plagiarism checker in a lot of places online. Quality can vary, though. Scanners that use the most current technology and algorithms will give you a good result. But there is no way to always know if those are in place when you choose a checker and to get the accuracy and completeness you really need. When you decide to use Trust My Paper’s plagiarism, you will get the accuracy and the comprehensiveness you need. You’ll have an overall percentage of originality and a highlighting of any text that is a problem.

  • As a student, is it free for me to use Trust My Paper plagiarism checker?

    Absolutely. No matter what your grade level, no matter where your institution is located, you can access our plagiarism checker for free, as often as you need, 24 hours a day. It supports a number of foreign languages, is fast and easy, and will even scan a large number of sources to ensure accuracy. Our plagiarism checker is one of several free resources we offer to students because we are committed to your success. Helping you make sure your writing work is 100% plagiarism-free is important.

  • Can I scan my research paper for plagiarism for free?

    Yes, of course. Our plagiarism checker will scan, analyze, and report on any piece of writing in any document format. Once the scan is complete, you can then download the full report or have it emailed to you, so you can attach it to your work when you turn it in.

  • Will your plagiarism report be the same as the one used by my university?

    Online plagiarism checkers from different types of programs/scanners will not “look” exactly the same. But the information they all provide will be the same. There will be a percentage of originality, and for most instructors and institutions, it must be 90% or higher. It will point out pieces of content that are too similar to existing content, found on huge databases or elsewhere on the web. The “meat” of any plagiarism checker for students will be the same, just in different sequencing.

  • Can I be punished for plagiarism?

    You bet you can. Younger students who are new to writing essays, papers, book reports, and such will not face the consequences. Their teachers will point out plagiarism and explain why it is wrong. As students get older, punishments will be in place for plagiarism. By the time students are in college, consequences can be mild to severe, depending upon the instructor and the institution’s policies. Our advice? Take no chances. Run everything you write through the Trust My Paper free checker, and submit your work with confidence.

  • What does a free plagiarism checker with percentage mean?

    Many free plagiarism checkers only tell you if your content is original or not. That can be misleading. In truth, almost no content is 100% original. Commonly used phrases, quotes, and other similar content will count as content that isn’t completely original. Don’t forget about self-plagiarism! This is when a student uses their own previous work, but doesn’t cite it. In addition to this, different schools and organizations allow different thresholds of originality.

    A free plagiarism checker with percentage doesn’t just showcase spots where there may be issues with originality. It shows you exactly how much of your paper is completely original. This lets you determine if you need to change anything.

    All of these are clear reasons why you need a plagiarism checker that provides an accurate percentage. This will allow you to verify that your content is as original as it needs to be.

  • What percentage of plagiarism is considered bad?

    That depends on the standards set by your instructor or school. It also depends on how you are presenting any information you have lifted from other sources. For example, a paragraph-long quote that is properly sourced and attributed is not plagiarism. However, it may show up as content that isn’t original. On the other hand, if you steal a shorter quote, and pass it off as your own thought, without giving credit, that is plagiarism.

    In many cases, you can find out what the expectations are. Sometimes, your instructor will publish the percentage of originality they expect in the assignment rubric. In other cases, it will be with the course rules.

    Don’t forget to learn what will happen if you should turn in a paper that isn’t completely original. In some cases, the consequences could be failure or expulsion. In other instances, your instructor may simply wish to review your paper to ensure that you have given proper credit.

  • I cited my sources, is it considered plagiarism?

    In some instances, the answer is yes. For example, if you use someone’s exact words, but fail to use quotes, that may be considered to be plagiarism. You can avoid this by properly attributing words using quotes, in addition to citing your source. Sometimes, it is best to paraphrase or reword the statement.

  • Can you detect plagiarism without a plag checker?

    There may be a few things you can do to look for plagiarism in your writing. For example, you can:

    • Do a Google search on passages of your writing to see if it finds matching content.
    • Double-check that all of your writing uses quotations and citations properly.
    • Look for visual cues in your paper. For example, a passage that uses a different font may be something you copied in, then forgot to paraphrase or quote.

    You may also ask someone you trust to review your paper.

    Unfortunately, while these actions may help, none of them are a decent substitute for a reliable plagiarism detector. Remember that online, plagiarism detection software can quickly access and review more than a million papers, articles, and other content. You simply cannot match that using any other tool or technique. That is why it is best to rely on a high-quality plagiarism checker that gives you an originality percentage.

  • Is it safe to check for plagiarism online?

    Absolutely! In fact, this is the safest, most convenient method there is. Did you know your instructor or employer will likely use an online checker to ensure your work is original? It only makes sense that you would gain peace of mind by having your writing double-checked for plagiarism by a company that is established in the field of academic writing. Here are some things to consider as you look for a plag checker online:

    • Does the service have connections with reputable academic databases?
    • Have students been satisfied with their experiences with this service?
    • Is it easy to use the plagiarism checking tool?
    • Does the company that offers the service have an excellent track record in the field of academic writing?
    • Will the tool check for self-plagiarism?
    • Can the student expect to receive an accurate number that reflects their originality?
    • Is there multiple language support?
    • Is it free?
    • Can you use the plagiarism checker multiple times for a single paper?

    Our plagiarism checker has all of these features. Further, you may drag and drop files, or use copy and paste. All standard file formats are supported.