Unleashing the Power of AI: Can ChatGPT Write Essays?

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By: Marie Fincher

January 26, 2023

ChatGPT has already proven to be a powerful AI essay writer, so it is undeniable that it will become even more popular with students in the coming years. Students can use ChatGPT to write essays, brainstorm ideas for a college essay, create extensive outlines, generate introductions and conclusions, make summaries, get follow-up questions, and so on. You can easily generate entire essays using the ChatGPT essay writer. But will it kill academic essay writing?

What is chatGPT, and how was it created

ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI and launched in 2022. It is a large-scale chatbot built using transformer architecture and trained on large datasets of web text. ChatGPT is one of the most advanced AI tools that can generate human-like text and perform various language-related tasks such as writing student essays, summarizing a college essay, answering questions, and others.

Founded in December 2015, OpenAI is the creation of Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever, Wojciech Zaremba, and John Schulman. The company is a leader in artificial intelligence and strives to develop technologies in this sphere for the benefit of humankind. Despite no longer being a part of OpenAI’s board, Musk is still a vocal advocate of artificial intelligence development and even works with AI in his own company Tesla.

The Potential of ChatGPT for Students: From Essay Writing Assistance to Language Skills Improvement

Thanks to the tool’s ability to summarize text, it is relatively easy to quickly create an abstract for an academic paper or a conclusion for an essay. In this regard, ChatGPT is excellent as an AI essay writer or assistance tool. If you perform a web search to answer different questions related to your research laboratory, then ChatGPT will also be helpful for you. You can research different topics and get ready for classes or exams with its help.

One of the best things about the ChatGPT essay writer is that it can be set up in a way that will work specifically for you (i.e., based on your academic field or subject). This means that students studying all kinds of disciplines can utilize ChatGPT to write their essays and academic papers. You will be able to improve your writing and editing skills, expand your vocabulary, and understand your coursework better.

Besides, it is also a valuable tool for foreign students who want to improve their English. ChatGPT can assist you as an essay checker so that you can detect any issues in your writing and better understand complex texts. It is the perfect choice for those struggling with their studies who want to achieve more academic success.

Are chatGPT essays original?

If you are using ChatGPT to help you write your essay, then you should probably be careful so that you don’t get accused of cheating. This is most likely the biggest downside of this tool. ChatGPT can create texts that mimic human writing and are grammatically correct and coherent while still repetitive. In other words, you can’t always expect utterly original content from ChatGPT.

The most significant accusation against the tool has been the lack of originality that is so widespread in its texts. You might even get a text with errors, incorrect information, or repetitions. This is why using ChatGPT to write your essay can be a good idea, but you should still beware of plagiarism and check your texts thoroughly.

The quality you will get can vary drastically depending on factors such as the amount of training data used, the language task at hand, and the level of involvement in the writing process from the user’s side. Consequently, the best way to use ChatGPT is to utilize it as a writing assistant. It can be helpful for students, but it can’t replace critical thinking or human writing entirely.

Students must carefully assess how much time they want to spend writing their essays before using ChatGPT. You will need to enter specific requests for the bot to generate texts that fit your requirements. Then, you will likely need to spend some time proofreading and rewriting your text. You can use ChatGPT for academic and professional purposes, but remember that the tool won’t replace human writing.

The discussion around AI tools and their usage has become so persistent that some people started coining new related terms. For instance, one of the backers of OpenAI, Jessica Livingston, is married to the venture capitalist Paul Graham who proposed the term “Algiarism,” referring to texts generated by AI that get passed off as a person’s own writing.

Will ChatGPT kill the student essay?

For a while, some experts have worried that AI tools will considerably impact the academic sphere. Some specialists claim that ChatGPT and other AI writing tools will kill the student essay. But is that so? And how much should the academic sphere worry about the rise of such tools?

The short answer is no, ChatGPT won’t kill the student essay. While the tool is already very powerful, it can’t perfectly imitate human writing. Almost anyone can easily recognize a text written by AI, no matter how complex the writing or the topic is. Moreover, students are often required to complete complex tasks on an entirely different level compared to what ChatGPT can do. There is simply no way for the tool to kill the student's essay.

Once again, ChatGPT is best used as a writing assistant. Rather than being a complete substitution for a student’s writing, it can assist learners in creating better essays. Some institutions might not allow the usage of AI tools, so students should be particularly careful or discuss the matter with their professors.

What do professors say about chatGPT essays?

While ChatGPT has caused a stir in the academic community, it’s interesting that some professors have entirely different opinions about the tool. Some say that it will increase plagiarism rates, while others argue that it will be a helpful tool for students to improve their language and writing skills.

Of course, there have been instances of students using the tool already. For example, a professor discovered that one of their students used ChatGPT to generate their essay with the software giving a 99.9% match. Assistant Professor at Muhlenberg College Dr. Jacqueline Antonovich tweeted that a paper created by ChatGPT would immediately get an F. Other professors have stated that the tool will help students write better essays, brainstorm ideas, and learn English better.

What are the tools that can detect “AIgiarism”?

Because AI tools and “Algiarism” have become a hot topic, there are now new (and old) tools being used to detect texts generated by ChatGPT and similar programs. Of course, many AI-generated texts can be recognized by people without additional tools, but special software for this purpose can be pretty valuable.

GPTZero, developed by a Princeton student who wanted to eradicate plagiarism, is an excellent example. Other tools include detector.dng.ai and gptradar.com. Moreover, OpenAI decided to join the movement against plagiarism and announced that the company would watermark the tool’s output. This will help educators quickly identify AI-generated texts.

If not chatGPT, how to write essays being a student?

While some people will be using ChatGPT to generate texts and others will be using tools to detect AI-generated texts, it still leaves the question: how can students write essays faster? What can you do if you can’t use ChatGPT? Well, there are several options:

  • Use the custom essay writing service Trust My Paper to hire honest, experienced academic writers to help you create your essays and papers.
  • Write your essays and assignments and slowly develop and improve your language and writing skills this way.
  • Work on your assignments and papers while still using various tools to help you. These can include plagiarism checkers, paraphrasing tools, conclusion generators, title generators, and many others.

The last option is probably the most common choice students make. They rely on their own skills while still getting assistance from various writing tools along the way. Here are some examples of such tools that you can start using:

Title Generator. If you struggle to come up with a topic or a title for your essay, this tool is your savior. You can generate ideas by entering the details about your subject and essay type. The tool will give you a list of titles you can choose when writing your assignment. You can improve the essay title you already chose by using the tool and finding a more suitable option.

Plagiarism Checker. One of the worst things students battle is plagiarism, so a plagiarism checker is essential for most learners. You might get a bad grade or even get expelled if you plagiarise in your paper. TrustMyPaper’s Plagiarism Checker is a powerful tool for detecting unoriginal work and helping you find and correct intentional and unintentional plagiarism alike. You will get a detailed report with sources and issues that need to be corrected.

Paraphrasing Tool. Once your text has been scanned and you know where plagiarism is in your paper, you can use the Paraphrasing Tool to help you rewrite the parts that have issues. The tool will analyze your text and suggest ways to reword or rewrite different sentences. The tool will also help you improve some parts that may be unclear or confusing. However, recheck the text for plagiarism because the tool might not be enough to address all the issues in your paper.

Conclusion Generator. As the name suggests, this tool can generate conclusions by summarizing texts. One of the best things about it is that you can also generate introductions, abstracts, and summaries with its help. You can quickly get a short text with all the main points you brought up in your paper without writing a summary like this yourself. It is a tool that will genuinely save you a lot of time.

Citation Generator. One more tool that many students will benefit from is the Citation Generator. It helps you create citations by entering the relevant information and choosing a citation style. Of course, you will need to know the citation and enter all the information correctly. But if you do these things the right way, the tool will give you a complete and correct citation that you can use in your bibliography, references, or footnotes.

Few words to sum up

At the end of the day, human writing cannot be replaced by AI-generated texts. The two are incomparable at this development stage in the Artificial Intelligence industry. If you want to create genuinely original essays but don’t have the experience or skills for this, you should turn to professionals at TrustMyPaper. Expert academic writers from this writing agency will help you complete all your assignments on time and get high grades for your papers.

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