Can You Trust Essay Writing Sites?

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By: Marie Fincher

May 08, 2021

Can You Trust Essay Writing Sites? Your Detailed Safety Guide

Late hour, piles of homework waiting. You feel tired and want to sleep, but your deadline runs out very soon, and you cannot postpone any of these assignments. It’s a matter of passing or failing, and desperation starts to set it. That’s when you might ask yourself, “Could I pay someone to write my paper? How safe is it?” We’re going to answer every question you might have and give you some great examples.

Can I Hire Someone to Write My Paper?

Yes, you definitely can. The frustrating truth is, many colleges force students to take subjects they don’t need and aren’t interested in. Instead of wasting time on homework that won’t bring any valuable knowledge, these students hire professional academic writing companies.

If you go online, you’ll see numerous writing agencies advertising their services. Not all of them are reliable, but agencies with as much experience as TrustMyPaper are capable of writing an essay on the top quality level.

Is It Wise to Share Confidential Info with Essay Writing Companies?

It depends on the company you decided to hire. TrustMyPaper offers detailed explanations about our privacy policies: you can check them to make sure that no one is going to share your personal data with any third party. We use the details of our clients only to make their customer experience better.

For example, writers will get your instructions for writing an essay. Managers might review your order info to confirm that revision or refund is justified. In all instances, your data are safe, and your privacy is guaranteed from our end. So, when you consider ordering services from any writing site, you need to read such policies to make certain that you’re protected.

Is It Legal to Pay Someone to Write an Essay?

This is another common concern, and the short answer is, yes, it’s perfectly legal to pay for writing services. At the end of the day, an essay is simply a product you get for the money. No one could stop you from buying stuff like books or paintings, and the same principle works here. You purchase someone’s service: what you do with it later is up to you. There are many diverse definitions of plagiarism, and even professors treat it differently. As long as you don’t admit you’ve been using academic writing services, you won’t have any problems. But there are still some aspects you need to consider.

  • Is TrustMyPaper legit? Those who do not want to take any risks should check how legit a company is. TrustMyPaper meets all criteria: our site offers several ways of communication, including phone number, email, chat, or social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. We have a physical head office, with its address published online. Free samples along with clear policies are offered. Things like this make the service 100% legit.
  • Checking terms of service on a company’s site. Like we mentioned before, read the company’s policies & terms of use. There should be detailed explanations about what a customer is getting, how they should use a product, and what they could count on in case of quality issues. Some companies don’t allow free revisions; others have a limited number of days during which they are ready to improve an essay. For saving time, efforts, and nerves, find out as much as possible.
  • Writing for you, not instead of you. TrustMyPaper has taken steps for protecting both its customers and itself from any possible legal scrutiny. Our essays are written as a sample or way of assistance. Clients give us instructions, we follow them, and they get a professional essay that they should use for knowledge or inspiration. Obviously, we cannot control what our customers decide on doing with these papers later, but our primary goal lies in assisting them, nothing else.
  • Will the student be the owner of the essay? In TrustMyPaper, each essay is unique and follows individual requirements. Customers own what they paid for because the work was created in their exclusive order.

Will my essay be written from scratch?

When we’re talking about legit companies like TrustMyPaper, then yes, all papers are created from scratch. Reliable services do not have databases with pre-written material that they use for their new projects. Clients ask for a unique kind of help: they need different numbers of pages, different topics, different types of essays. There can’t be two identical papers when experts do them, so there is nothing to worry about: getting 100% originality is your right as a paying customer.

How Much Should I Pay for My Paper?

Average prices for academic writing range between $12 and $18. They might grow depending on your deadline. Even a company with the cheapest costs will charge more since it’ll have to find an expert ASAP, making them stop working on other projects in favor of your task. Our company, in particular, offers discounts for our customers, so your prices become even more affordable.

Is It Safe to Pay TrustMyPaper?

It is absolutely safe to pay for an essay via Trust My Paper. We use secure payment systems known globally, such as PayPal. There is also an option to pay with your credit card, and obviously, your bank will protect and secure the transaction. Our terms & policies bind both parties, so once the clients pay, we’re legally obligated to fulfill their order. Students don’t risk anything by hiring our assistance.

Could TrustMyPaper Resell My Paper After Sending It to Me?

No respectable writing company will ever resell papers it has already completed, and our services fall into this group. Customers don’t just pay for assistance, they pay for uniqueness. Their essays are entirely original, and they suit very specific purposes. No other student could benefit from something that has been written based on your individual instructions, so there is no point in trying to sell the same essay twice. Our clients can be certain that the content we produce is 100% original.

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