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We encourage all of our customers to provide feedback after their orders have been fulfilled.

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We encourage all of our customers to provide feedback after their orders have been fulfilled.








We encourage all of our customers to provide feedback after their orders have been fulfilled.

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Term papers and research papers are pretty synonymous terms these days. In essence, a student is required to write a research-based paper on a topic that was a part of the coursework s/he completed in a specific class during a semester. The only difference these days seems to be that the term paper is generally due toward the end of the semester while a research paper may be assigned and due at any point during a course. If several are due at a time, moreover, students will find themselves pulling many “all-nighters” and stressing out about term papers at the same time that they are trying to prepare for final exams – not a pretty sight! Often they are ready to “pay someone to write my term paper - anyone!” Our advice is this: you don’t want to pay just anyone to write your paper. You want to find a reputable and trusted writing service to do it because you want that good grade.

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A quick Internet search will reveal thousands of sources to whom you can say, “Write my term paper online.” They will all tout their great writing and their cheap prices. Having been in this business for several years, however, we know their tactics and their practices well. They are happy to take your money and give you a term paper, but it will not be one that you can then turn in or a good grade. Most often, they do not use professional writers. They rely on individuals to comb through the Internet for free papers on your topic and to use them to put together a disorganized piece of writing that is a jumbled combination of what they have found; or they will simply give you a paper that they have in their own databases that have been sold to many before you. All of these practices are basically fraudulent and unethical, and the customer ends up being the victim or plagiarism charges or poor grades. If you choose one of them to “write my term paper for me,” you will have basically wasted your money and nothing to show for the expense. You need a term paper from TrustMyPaper.com because we do not use such tactics.

You need a term paper writer who is going to produce your paper from scratch, who will use the best resources for your academic level, and who will follow your specific instructions.

You need a writing service that places student success above all else and wants students to be involved in the production of their term papers. This means that they stay in contact with those student customers during the whole process and that they do not consider their work finished until that customer is satisfied.

You need a writing service that gives guarantees of no plagiarism and confidentiality and that actually backs up those guarantees in actual practice.

You find all of this and more when you say, “Write my term papers” to TrustMyPaper.com.

First, Our Writers

Our term paper writers have degrees from recognized universities. Many of them are instructors or retired instructors who have been in academic communities for years before coming to work for us. They understand all of the expectations and nuances of academic writing, and that makes them the best writers for assignments that current students have. We place them in categories based on their specific degree fields and the level of degrees they have. A Ph.D. in English, for example, will not be writing a business case study; a Bachelor-degreed writer in biology will not be writing a grad school biology paper; every customer order is matched specifically according to the topic field and to grade level.

Second, Our Quality Control

We do not just automatically deliver a piece of writing as soon as it is finished. No, we have another layer of protection for our customers, and that is with our Quality Control department. These individuals review every essay or paper for resource validity, format citation, adherence to customer instructions, style and grammar, and for plagiarism. We use the same plagiarism-detection software that most educational institutions use, and thus can guarantee that there will be no plagiarized content ever delivered in one of our products. When we write a term paper for you, it is an exceptional piece of original writing with authentic resources and a style of writing appropriate for your academic level.

Third, Our Customer Service

While most writing services shy away from a lot of contact with their customers, we welcome and encourage it. From the minute you place your order, you have a customer support department that is with you all the way. The order form requires a lot of detail, and if you are unsure about any of the form fields or if those fields do not provide for detail that you must include, you simply call or email our support department and get help. (You can also live chat). When the order is ultimately placed, you will get a confirmation email and instructions for setting up your own portal on our site. Once you have that portal, you use it to speak with your writer, to ask about progress, to message customer service with any issues, etc. You can always call us as well. 24-hour a day contact is standard practice at TrustMyPaper.com.

Fourth, Our Benefits and Guarantees

If you come to us and say, “Do my term paper,” you automatically are assured of the following:

No plagiarism – ever!

A qualified writer with whom you can communicate

Your deadline will be met

Your confidentiality is completely protected

You may request as many revisions to a product as you wish until you are happy

You get reasonable, up-front, and fair pricing based upon your order details and your deadline

You will receive discounts and special pricing offers regularly

We want every customer to say, “My term paper from TrustMyPaper.com was perfect, and I will use this company from now on.” That’s how we build our business – giving customers the quality and service they need.

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