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  • Plan
  • Body draft
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Final draft
  • Proofread
  • Edit
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We employ only the best – paper writers with top academic credentials and scholarly writing experience. They must pass our rigorous screening process and a probationary period before they become full writers for us. We have over 50 academic disciplines covered.

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How does our paper writing service work? First, register, get your account, and fill out our detailed order form. We then assign the perfect writer who can complete your order. Before the deadline, you will receive the final draft. If you want revisions, tell your writer what to do. Finally, you will receive the revised paper, written just for you.

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How Our Research Paper Writers Work

Your research paper writer follows the same scholarly process for crafting your ordered work. He begins by conducting some initial research on your topic. From that, he developed a thesis. Then he continues with the deeper research, taking notes, and noting sources for the information. Once the research is complete, he organizes the information and develops the sub-topics. From those, he will craft an outline that will guide the writing.

The writer composes the rough draft, inserting in-text citations to provide proper credit. Then, he must review, edit, and proofread the entire piece, making sure that there is a logical flow of ideas, good transitions, and that every paragraph is structured well. Grammar and punctuation must be checked. The introduction presents the thesis, and the conclusion wraps it all up. The final check is the correct format style and the bibliography. The result? A top-notch research paper.

The Best Research Paper Writers Understand Formatting

Most paper writing companies have a general format – a common font, a certain number of words per page, customer choice of single or double-spaced, and so forth. We realize that this will be the right format for essay and paper writing that does not require a specific format. When an instructor does have a specified format style, though, your online paper writer will follow that specification to the letter.

Writers’ base essay format

+ APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian citation styles or any other of your choice

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  • 12-point Times New Roman
  • 0.5’’ first line of paragraph
  • double spaced 275 words/page
  • 1’’ margin all around
  • 0’’ between paragraphs
  • single spaced 550 words/page

There are lots of format styles that instructors demand. The most common are MLA and APA, although several lesser-used styles are based on subject fields – Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, etc. These styles have specific rules for pagination, margins, title pages, headers/footers, in-text citations, and bibliographies. Whatever the required format style of your instructor, our expert writers will produce a perfectly appointed product.

Our Professional Essay Writers Focus on Quality

Every paper and essay writer we employ commits to our standards of quality. And those standards are high. Our reputation is at stake, and we will never compromise. If any student is not fully satisfied, the writer will revise the piece – no exceptions. All paper writing must:

  • be customized and original
  • reflect research integrity
  • have appropriate style and tone
  • adhere to students’ instructions
  • be delivered on time

Our prices for paper writing vary, as they should. A high school research paper should not cost as much as a graduate-level piece. Other factors also impact our pricing – the type of product and deadline requirement. This is fair and professional. Included in our pricing, no matter what the product or student's academic level, are the following:

  • research resources appropriate for the academic level
  • full bibliography
  • quality control
  • revisions when requested
  • deadlines met
  • charts, PowerPoints, and graphics as required

Our Paper Writers for Hire Do It Right

We have a lot of samples of our writers’ works on the website because we want our visitors to see first-hand the quality we produce. It’s not wise for a student to simply come to a writing service, say, “write my paper,” and then just trust that they will get the quality they need. They need to have the opportunity to review what that company’s writers produce.


Have a look at samples of our writers' work as proof of their expertise and dedication.

The Value of Sports in American Curriculum 190.55 kB

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The Perception of Indonesian Students on the Effectiveness of ESL Instructors 718.15 kB

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We are able to show paper and essay writer samples because, during the application process with us, they must produce original writing in their subject fields and degree areas on a specific topic that we assign. We would never publish a piece of writing that one of our pros had produced for a customer – this would compromise one of our basic guarantees.

Customers Come First with Our Professional Research Paper Writers

As a writing service, we understand that customer satisfaction does two things. It maintains our reputation, and it fosters long-term relationships with customers. Our goal is that students find a writing service “home” that they can use for all academic writing needs, even starting at high school and moving through getting the perfect paper writers for college. To accomplish this, our writers put the customer and his satisfaction first.

Just how do they do this? Here are their non-negotiable behaviors, which we demand any time a student comes to us and says, “write my essay.” Student instructions are the most important criteria for creating a piece of writing. Each that we create is original and customized. Student satisfaction must be gained, and the writer will keep working until that is achieved. Student deadlines will be met, no matter what.

Why You Want to Use Our Professional Research Paper Writers

We can give you three major reasons why our essay writers are the best choice.

The academic and professional backgrounds of our writers are top-notch. We only employ writers with degrees from accredited universities. We also insist that they themselves have a successful history of strong scholarly writing themselves. For this reason, we require university transcripts, not just degrees. We need to see high GPA’s in their major fields.

Writers only take on tasks and projects for which they have specific qualifications and expertise. Matching writers with orders is key to a great outcome. A writer with a degree in social science will never be writing a computer science piece. A writer with a Bachelor’s degree will take on high school and low-level undergraduate work; a doctoral student will have a Ph.D. researcher and scholar.

Our writers are committed to and focused on customer satisfaction. They will work tirelessly to produce an original, customized piece that exactly matches what each student needs. If any student has even a small dis-comfort with the final product, he simply lets his writer know, and it will be fixed. Our writers will continue to make revisions until complete satisfaction is achieved.

  • 1. Can I contact my writer directly?

    Of course. In fact, we demand it. You will have a personal account, and you can send and receive messages via that account. This is a really key feature of our service. When a student and writer speak directly, misunderstandings are avoided, and both of you are “on the same page.” You may have forgotten a couple of things – message your writer. Your writer may need clarification on something – you’ll get a message. When there is open communication between student and writer, the chances of the final product being perfect are much greater.

  • 2. How do I hire a good paper writer?

    This is a simple answer. You come to us. You then give us all of the details of what you need via our order form. We have a huge team of writers with all levels of degrees in all subject fields. We present the very best writers who are the top matches for your order. You will always receive a writer who has the qualifications and writing expertise to give you an original, custom piece of writing.

  • 3. Does the writer consider the audience when developing a paper?

    Of course. Every essay or paper has an audience. First and foremost, that audience is the instructor who will read and score that piece of writing. But beyond that, instructors do want students to address their audiences. For example, if your piece of writing is a persuasive essay on climate change, it should address those who may be “climate change deniers” or those sitting on the fence about this issue. And at the Ph.D. dissertation level, for example, the audience is a committee that must approve of a proposal or, ultimately, the final research work.

  • 4. Why would a writer include a conclusion in a paper?

    You probably already know the answer to this. From the time you were in middle school and began to write essays, you were taught the importance of conclusions. They have many purposes – to sum up, the points made, to present calls to action, and to steer an audience in directions of additional research. Every written piece must have a conclusion, or the audience is left hanging.

  • 5. Do you hire only professional paper writers?

    The short answer is yes. The longer answer involves how we recruit, screen, and ultimately hire members of our writing team. Those who apply to write for us must submit their academic credentials, including transcripts, and these must be verified with the institutions. Then, they must submit samples of their own written work, usually essays and papers that they produced during their academic careers. After having passed this screening, they then complete an English grammar and composition examination, so we know that they have full mastery of the language. The final piece of selection is the production of an original piece of writing, the topic for which we assign. Only after all of these criteria have met our tough standards will we hire a writer to our team.

  • 6. Can writers do my type of paper?

    No matter what your paper assignment is, it will be in a recognized content field of academic institutions. You may have a rare or unique topic for your paper, but it is within a coursework area. And we have qualified and expert writers in all curricular fields. So, no matter what type of paper assignment you may be facing, we have it covered.

  • 7. How much information must I provide to get what I want?

    We have a detailed order form which you fill out and provide all of the information on the writing piece you need. This form is forwarded to your writer. He needs as much detail as possible in order to complete the task to your satisfaction. If your writer needs more information or any clarification, he will contact you through your personal account. Please check your account often in case there are messages which require your response.

    You must also provide contact information – your name, email address, and a working phone number. We encrypt this and never share it with anyone, even your writer. Your writer will only know you by your assigned ID number.

  • 8. What’s the difference between “best available” and other writers?

    So, we have levels of writers based upon their years of experience and levels of expertise in specific content fields. Generally, the best available is a good choice for high school and lower-level college students. Those at upper levels of college study and in graduate programs will want to consider higher-level writers because they are more “current” on the latest original research in their fields and can access that quickly.

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