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Short, but definitive Guide to Essay Writing

Why Did we Write It?

We want to be more than a source of writing services. Our goal is to provide information, and education on a variety of education related topics. Given our area of expertise, writing essays seems like the perfect place to start.

As a student, you will write essays for many reasons. You will write to prove your mastery of a subject. You will write to share and defend your ideas. You’ll also write simply to show your instructor that you have writing and research skills. This requires two levels of mastery, subject matter and writing. Each of the various essay types has its own, unique set of rules to follow. Memorizing these is nearly impossible. This write my essay guide provides students with a go to guide to help them write the best possible essays, regardless of assignment.

Writing is thinking. It is more than living, for it is being conscious of living

-  Joseph Joubert

Choosing Your Topic

You want to select a good topic. It will be the focus of your essay. Your topic should be interesting to your readers, and something about which you can research and write.

Researching And Note Taking

You need to gather information from a variety of reputable sources. This information must be analyzed, transcribed, and organized. Examples of sources include studies, academic journals, news articles, books, magazines, videos, and audio recordings.

Create Your Thesis

A thesis is a concise statement that communicates the main idea of your essay, or the claim that you will be supporting. Your thesis should tell the reader the topic of your paper, and the stance that you will be taking. Use your thesis to maintain focus as you write your essay.

Create an Outline

By creating an outline, you create the initial structure of your essay. You can make changes to your outline to easily adjust the way that your paper will be organized. It is much easier to make structural changes at this stage than later on. Your outline should lay out your intro with the thesis, the paragraphs that will support your thesis, and the conclusion.

Writing Your Introduction

This is the first paragraph(s) of your essay. It will introduce the topic, generate interest, and entice your readers to want to learn more.

The Body Paragraphs

This is the main portion of your essay.  You will present your main points, share your analysis, and support any claims you have made. This is where you will use your research sources.


Your conclusion is not a summary. You should not restate your arguments. Instead, you should synthesize the points you have made. Show how each supporting argument works together in support of your thesis.

Writing a Rough Draft

If you start with a rough draft, you can get your thoughts onto paper. Later, you can take a closer look at editing and polishing.

Proofread And Edit Your Rough Draft

Check your rough draft first for any spelling and grammar mistakes. Then check for issues with wording and clarity. Finally, verify that you are using the best possible sources, and that any arguments you make are sound.

Parts of an Essay

Click any of the following links to learn more about the different parts of an essay and examples.

Never write anything that does not give you great pleasure. Emotion is easily transferred from the writer to the reader

Write Your Essay!

Once you’ve made all of the corrections, you are ready to produce your final copy. Verify your sources. Create a title page. Make sure your formatting is correct. Next step: Turn in your paper, and breathe a little easier than you’ve done everything required of you.

Keep reading to find more information about various types of essays and how to write them.

Common Essay Types

It is important that each type of essay is written with a unique style and format. This piece delves into many of the types of essays that students are asked to write. Click into any of these tutorials to level up your essay skills.

How to Write a Research Paper

Admissions Essay Writing Advice

This essay guide is written to give you helpful tips and techniques for writing your college admissions essay. We want you to be able to write an essay that allows you to stand out from other applicants. These easy essay writing tips come straight from graduate students and others who understand the role of the essay in the college admissions process.

Essay Writing Formats

The essay format you are assigned will determine several things about your paper.

This includes the way that you cite your sources, font, spacing, and a variety of other factors. Here are the most common formats or styles that you will be assigned.

Other College Essay Help And Assistance

We are proud to be able to offer you a variety of informative texts on the topic of writing essays. Click on the links below to read our blog posts and articles on academic writing. 

Custom Writing Style

Each student should work to develop a unique writer’s voice and style. To do this, you must first focus on perfecting the craft of writing. Then, focus on adding your own personality to your writing. Practice makes perfect. So does reading our content on the customized writing. We can help you with anything from learning the rules of grammar and punctuation to selecting the ideal writing topic for you.

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