Writing a Sports Research Paper

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There are many majors in the field of sports. And students interested in sports other than actual participation have plenty of options. If you choose a major in the field of sports, you will be taking required and other coursework. And in all that coursework, you will write research papers on various topics. When I have a difficult time writing those, I can get full support write my research paper.

Depending on the course, these topics you might select when you get a research paper assignment.

Best sports research paper topics

  1. Sports Medicine
    • Use of steroids by athletes and consequences
    • Causes, treatment, and prevention of muscle strain
    • Injuries are the most major concern in sports medicine today, and you can find any number of sports injury research paper topics from the above list.
    • Electrical muscle stimulation and its effects
    • Oriental healing methods – are they effective?
    • Traumatic brain injury issues in football and boxing
    • Common knee injuries, their prevention, evaluation, and treatment
    • Latest trends in physical therapy for common sports injuries
  2. Sports Nutrition Research Paper Topics
    • Effects of nutritional supplements
    • How and why the sports industry is using curd
    • Creating individualized diets for athletes
    • Nutritional support for athletes at various ages and program participation
  3. Sports Psychology Topics for Research Papers
    • There are plenty of sports psychology topics for personality research papers. Many of these relate to aggressive personalities and the types of sports people choose based upon their levels of aggression.
    • Psychological aspects of doping on the part of athletes
    • Psychological recovery after athletic trauma
    • Motivational theory relative to athletes involved in individual sports – tennis, swimming, gymnastics, etc.
  4. Sports Economics Research Paper Topics
    • Should college athletes be paid?
    • Is the amount of money allocated to sports programs in college appropriate?
    • Do professional athletes deserve the huge salaries they receive?
    • Should tax dollars be spent to build stadiums and otherwise support professional athletic teams?
  5. Sports Administration Research Paper Topics
    • The role of public relations in sports administration
    • What is the role of an athletic director at the high school and college levels?
    • What do sports teams’ marketers do? 
    • What controversies currently exist around athletic recruitment, especially related to high school students for college teams?
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Writing the Sports Research Paper

You have obviously written research papers before. And you obviously know the drill. But let’s just review the key concepts of crafting a research paper.

  1. Choose and narrow your topic. Your instructor will have a length requirement.

  2. Do the research before you do anything else. And choose credible sources – authors who have expertise on the topic. 

  3. Once you have done your research, you will be ready to craft your thesis statement – what is the point you want to make? Your paper content will all relate to that point

  4. Don’t skip the outline phase. It doesn’t have to be formal, but it must list the sub-topics you intend to include, the order in which you will cover them, and the details that you will provide in that section.

  5. You also know that, once you have written your rough draft, you will edit and revise and make sure your citations are correct before you submit that finished piece.

The options for a major in sports are increasing. Obviously, you do not have to an athlete to choose a career in this field.

Other Research Paper Topics

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