Choosing a Controversial Research Paper Topic

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Introduction to Controversial Research Topics

Newspapers, blogs, magazines, tabloids, the gutter press, among others, sell controversy all the time. You might be asking yourself where they get their topics. If you are a student, then you have a chance to do the same for your term paper. Controversial research topics are interesting, baring the intensity they carry with them. Here, you will come across how to choose controversial topics for research paper and some topics you could choose for your paper. Should you require any help around writing your research paper, just ask us for a write my research paper assistance..

You can use newspapers, blogs, tabloids, and others to get a controversial topic for your research paper

Choosing a Controversial Research Topic

Choosing a controversial topic for your research paper is important in your paper writing exercise. Some of your considerations as below:

The topic of interest to you. You should enjoy your research writing process. Working on a controversial will not be fun if you do not enjoy what you are doing.

Is the topic reasonably narrow? The idea of research is the precise focus is something meager. Do not choose a controversial topic that has information big for you, your time, and your budget. The topic should also not be so narrow that you cannot get enough information for a fleshy paper.

How current is your topic? Proper research is not just for the sake of it. Controversy needs to be fresh or have a new drive. Check the times and limit your topic to a period.

Best controversial research paper topics

Medical controversial topics for research paper include:

  1. Is medical marijuana worth legalization with plummeting global cancer rates?
  2. Do health websites require prosecution for providing unchecked medical information despite their increased use?
  3. Should hospitals provide medical attention and care to uninsured patients?
  4. Is exercise a source of critical medical complications?
  5. Is womb transplantation a worthy try and alternative to surrogacy practices?
  6. Are governments supposed to ban cigarette and alcohol ads on TV and radio?
  7. A solution is found for a disease, which should it be AIDS, Cancer, etc.? 

Controversial health topics for a research paper include:

  1. Which is the healthier option for your tea, sugar, or an artificial sweetener?
  2. Which is the best option for a tired body, some sleep or exercise?
  3. Low carbohydrates or low fat, which is the most health appropriate?
  4. Hand sanitizers or soap, which option is better at fighting germs?
  5. Which one is healthier, wearing a wedge heel or completely flat shoes?
  6. The most effective for dental hygiene, electric or manual toothbrush? 
  7. Which is the best cardio equipment, the elliptical or a treadmill?

Controversial science topics for research paper include:

  1. Are electric cars enough a contribution to clean energy efforts?
  2. Are flying cars the real solution to traffic congestion?
  3. Is a career in science overrated?
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Writing a Controversial Research Paper

If you have made a choice from your list of controversial topics in psychology for a research paper, what follows is writing something about it.

  • Foremost, you need a good introduction. It should have a thesis statement. The statement in the meanest words possible gives talks about your stand on the controversial topic in question. What follows is the body.
  • The body should have at least three strong points. Each point should be part of a separate paragraph. Each point in your paper in its paragraph should have supporting arguments. This is followed by evidence of the arguments. Finally, close to how it connects with the main point of your controversial research paper. You can only make your arguments strong by doing enough research on your research topic.
  • Despite the controversy of your topic, debate the issues maturely. Do not preach the issues to your readers. Use facts and slowly move to your conclusion. Here, summarize the main points in a short paragraph emphasizing on the thesis statement. Encourage readers to reminisce about the topic and change the way they think about it. 

Getting controversial topics in history for a research paper just got easy. Moreover, you now know how to tackle your research paper. You also have several topics in medicine, health, and science you could use.

Other Research Paper Topics

We have got more topics for other research papers. The following links will help you find lots of great research paper topics:

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