Writing a Health Research Paper

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What's health research paper about?

The purpose of a health research paper is to research and explain why disease happens, the way a human body works, and what can affect one’s health. When you’re picking the topic, you can choose from the two types of medical research. The first one focuses on the origin of a disease and how to prevent getting sick. The other one is aimed to improve the way of disease treatment.

Writing a health research paper

A medical research paper follows the same structure as any other research paper. You have to choose a relevant and engaging topic, find and utilize reliable and trustworthy services, state your arguments clearly and in a well-organized manner, and use proper formatting. Starting with an outline will help you greatly in keeping your research paper logical and up-to-the-point.


Best health research paper topics:

Mental health research paper topics include:

  1. The relationship between childhood trauma and substance abuse.
  2. What are the best treatments for personality disorders?
  3. The role of mindfulness meditation in treating mental illness.
  4. Does multiple personality disorder exist?
  5. Common myths about treating mental health.
  6. Addressing trauma in the judicial system.
  7. Dementia as a public health crisis.
  8. Understanding the psychology of hoarding.
  9. Treating sexual dysfunction without shame.
  10. How compassion impacts outcomes with violent criminals.
  11. A comparison of antidepressants used today.
  12. An explanation of PTSD.
  13. Successes and failures of mental health treatment in the VA.
  14. The role of social media in mental health education.

Healthcare management research paper topics include:

  1. The impact of HIPAA on healthcare management.
  2. How data can be used to improve hospital management.
  3. What hiring methods are best for acquiring top nursing staff.
  4. How to manage insurance company relationships.
  5. Will national healthcare impact hospital management.
  6. Steps required to open a medical clinic.
  7. Top concerns of healthcare management professionals.

Controversial health topics for a research paper include:

  1. Should hospitals, not abortion clinics, provide abortions?
  2. Is cosmetic surgery every justified on children?
  3. Will gene selection lead to eugenics?
  4. The role of racism in medical testing.
  5. Should organ donation be compulsory?
  6. Sexual harassment in healthcare.
  7. The rapid spread of false and misleading health information.
  8. The damage caused by the anti-vax movement.
  9. The sad history of causing pandemics in vulnerable populations.
  10. Smallpox blankets.
  11. Animal cruelty in medical research.
  12. Should doctors be held criminally responsible for healthcare mistakes?
  13. Drug abuse among healthcare providers.
  14. Is single-payer healthcare the best approach.
  15. Successes and failures of socialized medicine in Europe.
  16. Successes and failures of for-profit healthcare.
  17. Should doctors be allowed to accept financial rewards and other compensation from pharmaceutical companies?
  18. The role of healthcare professionals in the opiate epidemic.

Health informatics research paper topics include:

  1. How electronic health records can improve the delivery of healthcare.
  2. Blockchain and informatics.
  3. How IOT will change the future of healthcare.
  4. Should healthcare data be a commodity?
  5. What is ontology-based data?
  6. Should patients have access to their data?
  7. Use of informatics as a decision support mechanism.

Health and wellness research paper topics include:

  1. The impact of mindfulness meditation.
  2. Do essential oils work?
  3. What makes a good herbalist?
  4. Testing the effectiveness of alternative remedies using standard clinical testing.
  5. How does CBD reduce stress?
  6. The role of Kratom in treating opiate addiction.
  7. The role of healing touch in healthcare.
  8. How do herbs and tinctures work?
  9. Does homeopathy work?
  10. Is chiropractic medicine healthcare?
  11. Fitness and weight loss advances of the 21st century.
  12. How stress impacts cardiac health?
  13. Weight training and its impact on bone density.
  14. Positive thinking and visualization before surgery.
  15. How human growth hormone impacts athletic performance?
  16. The role of nutrition education in health outcomes for lower-income families.
  17. Best healthcare education programs for elementary schools.

Health economics research paper topics include:

  1. The economic impacts of poor healthcare.
  2. How healthcare improves the economic status of developing nations?
  3. The cost of funding national health coverage.
  4. How does the EMA fee system work?
  5. What are the healthcare costs of obesity?
  6. Does preventative medicine save lives?
  7. What is the true cost of healthcare advertising?
  8. What is the cost of tobacco use in middle America?
  9. Risk factors of diabetes in low-income families.
  10. What is the cost of a lack of healthcare availability in rural areas?
  11. Does access to the internet reduce healthcare costs?
  12. What is the correlation between socialized medicine and higher SES?
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