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A Short Description of Cause and Effect

It is human nature to ask why or how something happened. Finding out the reason for an event will help in recreating the good and avoiding the adverse impacts. A cause is what leads to the happening of an event. An effect is the results of the event that happened.

For example, if a child cries, it might be because of hunger. Knowing such information can help prevent the discomfort that the crying of a child brings. If asking for extra work can help a student in attaining good grades, one can implement that to also improve their performance.

In some cases, the relationship between cause and effect is rather clear and is easy to explain. An example is bleeding after severing a blood vessel. However, some cases are not exactly straightforward. An illness cannot always be attributed to one cause. It may be only one or numerous conditions causing a disease. The debate of cause and effect is, therefore, a long one and can lead to arguments and disputes.  

A cause and effect essay will have to include two main parts.

The first part consists of the causes of a specific event. The effects of the event constitute the second part. It is up to you to choose any of the parts to come first in your essay. Coming up with a thesis statement requires the two.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

The cause-and-effect debate is brimmed with cause and effect essay topics to discuss. The following are some good cause and effect essay topics you can tackle:

Easy cause and effect essay topics include:

  1. Effect of abstinence on the spread of HIV/AIDS
  2. Has corruption led to poverty in society, and what drives it?
  3. The effect of poverty on the education of a child
  4. HIV and its impact on a person’s social life
  5. How does peer pressure impact on a child’s character and actions?
  6. Causes and effect of teenage rebellion
  7. Effects of gaming on adults’ and children’ daily life 
  8. Sibling rivalry and its impact on the character of a child
  9. What are the implications of long-distance relationships on couples?
  10. How has online dating affected the way people interact?
  11. What causes cheating of exams in schools and what are its effects on the educational development of a child
  12. Learning foreign languages increase cognitive ability and memory

Interesting cause and effect essay topics include:

  1. Moving at the speed of light and its effect on your body and time
  2. Machines created by humans become sentient and take over the world to rule humans
  3. Technological advancements geared to establish a connection among humans has led to the division of people and narcissism.
  4. Effect of pornography on the mental development of a person and sexual desire
  5. How has commerce changed with the onset of technological advancements in the field?
  6. How colonialism impacted African states
  7. What causes the formation of black holes?
  8. Child abuse and its effects on the view of a child on family, society, and marriage
  9. The causes of the Jewish holocaust and its consequence to the social development of the Jewish people
  10. Does moral support cause anorexia or bulimia?

Environment cause and effect essay topics include:

  1. Global warming leads to a rise in sea levels
  2. Effects of melting on the organisms that habituate in ice
  3. Climate change has led to an increase in danger from hurricanes
  4. Gaseous industrial effluent has led to the depletion of the ozone layer
  5. Depletion of the ozone layer has increased chances of getting skin cancer and melanoma
  6. Effects of glacial melting on mountains and lower areas
  7. Animals are forced to migrate from their natural habitat due to human encroachment.
  8. The significant drop of life in rivers around industries can be attributed to industrial wastes
  9. The increased global temperature effects on the prevalence of malaria
  10. Increased number of people who own cars has led to increased carbon emissions in the city
  11. Impact of noise from the vehicles in towns on the productivity in the office

History cause and effect essay topics include:

  1. What led to the two world wars, and what impact did they have on nations that didn’t participate in it?
  2. Significance of the renaissance period to modern-day art, culture, and architecture
  3. Barack Obama as the first black president and its effect on the social relations of the people of the United States of America.
  4. Mussolini’s fascist rule and its effects on Italy’s development at that time
  5. How the invention of the wheel revolutionized exploration of the world
  6. Slavery’s impact on the modern-day society despite its abolition
  7. Illegal immigration has created numerous economic and political strains. Discuss them
  8. The printing press revolutionized mass communication due to its invention. Give your position with evidence to support
  9. What effects does religion have on our society? Tackles both the pros and cons
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The cause and effect essay topics list is a long one and could be endless if you consider all the events taking place. To add to it, you can use your creativity to come up with personal cause and effect essay topics.

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