Writing a Depression Research Paper

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A Guide to Writing Research Papers on Depression

Depression is a serious mental illness that is of interest to college students in many academic fields. Whether you study education, psychology, or something else, there's a good chance you may find yourself writing a paper based on a depression research paper thesis. If you are in the midst of writing a research paper on this topic, keep reading. We have great information for you in the paragraphs below.

Depression Research Paper Sources

Whenever you research a subject like depression, you must take great care to vet your sources. As with many mental illnesses, there’s a lot of misinformation and pseudoscience on this topic. Things can get quite confusing as much of this misinformation is presented to look like valid, academic research. To avoid using outdated or false information, vet your sources. They should come from valid academic databases, government or university research, or other reputable sources. Avoid using information from bloggers, or websites that publish ‘studies’ with the goal of selling treatments or medications.

To avoid using outdated or false information, vet your sources.

Steps to Writing a Research Paper on Depression

Once you have located the appropriate sources, you are ready to move on to research and writing. The best place to start is by taking detailed and careful notes. Keep them organized. Consider using an app like Evernote to really stay on top of your notes.

Once you have your notes, you can form your thesis. This is the statement that you will attempt to support in your research paper. Next, you will create your outline. Use this as a tool to organize your thoughts, and ensure that you have supporting points for every argument that you make. Remember to divide your outline into your introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

After you’ve written your outline, you will be ready to move onto your rough draft. Make good use of your outline, and you should be able to form your paper fairly easily. Just be certain that you make your points clearly, and cite your sources properly.

Finally, you are ready to add the finishing touches. Edit and proofread your paper carefully so that you have a final draft that is ready to submit.

Best depression research paper topics

  1. Changing theories in prescribing medications for depression.
  2. Why it is important to screen children for depression.
  3. The role of depression in criminal law.
  4. How to recognize the symptoms of depression.
  5. New theories in postpartum depression.
  6. Do natural remedies work for clinical depression?
  7. What’s the difference between clinical and situational depression?
  8. Depression as a public health issue.
  9. Treating depression in combat veterans.
  10. What is the difference between depression and PTSD?
  11. Common disorders that are comorbid with depression.
  12. What are the different treatment protocols between children and adults with depression?
  13. Write a teenage depression research paper on the use of drugs in students with mental illness.
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Depression Research Paper Assistance

If you have a depression research assignment that is causing you to struggle, relax! In addition to this guide, we offer writing and editing help on writing assignments just like this. Feel free to contact us 24/7 for help.

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