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The main difference between nature and nurture types of character-forming is the source of influences, nature - genetic or hereditary, nurture - environmental. An example of the debate could be whether obesity is passed genetically from parent to child or promoted by society.

How to Write a Nature vs Nurture Essay

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What is Nature vs. Nurture

To define nature vs. nurture, both medical scientists and psychologists must be involved. It involves a debate, actually, related to the influence of heredity and environmental experiences on the ultimate adult personality that one has. But it can also go beyond personality and behaviors. For example, suppose, through heredity, an individual may have certain physical characteristics. But, because of malnutrition or a contracted disease, those characteristics are not as heredity would have programmed them. The nature vs. nature argument generally revolves around psychological characteristics, however.

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Sample Nature vs Nurture Essay

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Taking a Stand (or Not)

In this great debate, there are those who state that nature is predominant and those who state that upbringing and environment are. There is also a relative middle ground, known as epigenetics that attempts to reconcile the two. Basically, it argues that environmental factors can turn genes on or off or otherwise modify them. Thus, the genetic predisposition toward addiction can be modified (or even turned off) by upbringing and environment.

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Writing the Nature vs. Nurture Essay

Your essay or paper format is no different than that of any other essay or paper. You will begin with an introduction that includes a thesis statement, body paragraphs which all include points related to that thesis and a conclusion that wraps up your points and perhaps points the reader in new directions for discussion or research.

Prior to writing your essay, you will want to take a look at some examples of scholarly essays and papers on the subject.

It’s an interesting and evolving topic, this debate between nature and nurture. And writing an essay on the subject can be quite enlightening.

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