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As academic writing goes, a 1000 word essay isn’t that difficult. That’s something you can write over the course of a day, or in a couple of evenings. You pick a good topic, find a few good resources, take notes, create a 1000 word essay outline, and you are on your way.

The problem is that these essays can seem deceptively simple. It’s tempting just to ‘phone it in’. There are a couple of problems with this. First, any mistakes are going to stand out in a shorter essay-like. Instructors are also likely to be stricter when it comes to factors like grammar and formatting. Their logic is often, ‘I’m not asking you to write much, so it better be good.’

In this piece, we’re going to take a deep dive into how to write a thousand word essay. We’ll provide you with sound advice on topic selection, essay types, and more. Finally, we’ll get into the specifics of a 1000 word essay structure, and a few helpful tips.

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The Challenge: Meeting The 1000 Word Criteria

With longer essays, you may struggle to meet your word count. Here, you may have the opposite problem. 1000 words isn’t long when it comes to covering a single topic. When you begin writing and taking notes, don’t worry about this. It’s easier to trim things down than to write a bunch of filler. So, just start writing.

Once you’ve written your first draft, consider using different colored highlighters to color in your main ideas. Choose one color for points you must include in your essay, another for points that are optional, and a third for points that you’ll only include if word count requires it. Once you’ve done that, you can structure things and work on your transitions.

1000 words isn’t long when it comes to covering a single topic.

1000 Word Essay Topic Selection

More often than not, your professor will give you your topic directly. If not, you’ll be limited to a very specific subject matter that is relevant to your course. If that isn’t the case, topic selection doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, you may find it quite enjoyable.

The key here is to pick a relevant topic that will keep the readers interested in what you have to say, and that you can write about with relative ease. If you have some background information and subject matter knowledge, that’s much better.

Try a brainstorming approach. Make a list of topics that are relevant. Try to be specific. Remember that with only 1000 words, you won’t be able to write about a very broad topic. “Medicare For All” would be too generalized. “The Impact of Medicare For All on Mental Healthcare in Rural Communities” would likely be a better choice. Once your list is done, select the best option.

Remember that with only 1000 words, you won’t be able to write about a very broad topic.

Here’s one thing to keep in mind. Sometimes these essays are to be written in class. In these cases, you want to choose something that you can write about basically off the top of your head. This is perfect for general knowledge subjects, current events, and personal experiences. Here are a few topic suggestions:

  • Movie remakes reflect laziness and lack of originality in the movie industry.

  • Gun control must be dealt with on a federal level to have any impact.

  • Mind Mapping is largely ineffective and is overhyped.

  • Ayn Rand’s books are an example of what stupid people consider to be good writing.

  • Gap years provide students with relevant insights and experiences.

  • Internships benefit privileged students while putting low-income students at a disadvantage.

A 1000-word essay structure infographics

Sample 1000 Word Essay

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Different Types of 1000 Word Essays

1000 words is a common essay length. You may be assigned to any number of essay types using that word count. What are the different types of essays? Here are some 1000 word essay examples:

Definition Essay: Explore the definition of a complex or controversial topic.

Argumentative Essay: Gather evidence and write an essay to defend a particular point of view.

Process Essay: Describe the steps required to create or do something.

Narrative Essay: Share a narrative about an experience you have had.

We go into more detail in the different types of essays in our related guides.

How Long is a 1000 Word Paper?

The number of pages your essay will be will vary according to your citation format. Each citation format has its own requirements as far as font, font size, line spacing, etc. As a result, each essay could be a few pages longer or shorter demanding on those factors.

Structuring Your Essay

Your essay will have the standard five-paragraph setup. Here’s that structure along with some advice.


Your introduction should introduce your topic, state your thesis, and get your reader interested in your writing. Consider including an interesting statistic or anecdote (100-200 words).


Your three body paragraphs should each focus on one main idea with supporting points. These should be written to support your thesis statement. Don’t forget to cite the sources that you use to make your points. Each paragraph will have a topic sentence, supporting points, concluding statement, and transition. Keep paragraphs about the same length, 600 to 800 hundred words across all three.


Use your conclusion to bring everything together. Prove that your points add up together to prove your thesis. It’s helpful to restate your thesis. Tie everything together.

Body structure infographic

1000 Word Essay Tips

Here are some final tips to help you nail your next assignment:

  • Double Check Your Assignment Rubric

  • Attend Any Group Study Sessions

  • Come to Class Prepared to Roll up Your Sleeves And Write

  • Double Check Your Grammar, Spelling, And Formatting

  • Review The Requirements of The Different Types of Essays

  • Choose a Familiar Subject if You Can

  • Select Resources That Are Easy to Read But Academically Sound

  • Write a Quick Outline to Keep Your Thoughts Organized

  • Be Flexible. Abandon a Topic Idea if it Becomes Troublesome

What if You Still Need Help?

There’s a lot of information to absorb. We’ve covered just a handful of the types of academic essays you’ll face, there are many others. You must also understand the different types of essay formats. Check out our other guides for more information on these. In the meantime, we are masters of any style of writing types. We can help you with any assignment of any length.

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