Writing a History Research Paper

History is one of those classes that virtually every student must take. It’s also a writing heavy course. That means for every history class you take, you’ll be challenged to come up with some interesting history research paper topics. This guide has been written to help you write your research paper. Check out the categories below along with some great topic suggestions.

Best history research paper topics

US history research paper topics: late 19th century forward include:

  1. The Impacts of The Civil Rights Movement
  2. How The Industrial Age Shaped Our Economy
  3. The Causes And Effects of The Great Depression
  4. The Good And Bad of The New Deal
  5. A History of Trickle Down Economics
  6. The Impact of The Cold War on Third World Countries
  7. The 2016 Election
  8. How Changes in Campaign Financing Changed The World
  9. How Changing Role of The United States in The United Nations
  10. A Critique of NAFTA

Research paper topics american history before 1877 include:

  1. The Role of The French in The Revolutionary War
  2. Failed Civil War Strategies
  3. Post War South Rebuilding
  4. The Reframing of The Civil War Narrative
  5. Strategies of The War of 1812
  6. Genocide And Its Role in Colonialism
  7. The First Feminists
  8. The Role of Religion in Westward Expansion
  9. The Homestead Act
  10. The Role of Alexander Hamilton
  11. The Importance of The Federalist Papers
  12. The Economic Impact of The Gold Rush
  13. The Treatment of Irish Immigrants
  14. United States Foreign Policy in The Early 19th Century

World history research paper topics include:

  1. How Nuclear Weapons Impact The Development of Foreign Relations
  2. The Definition of The Term Lost Generation
  3. The Difference Between Eastern European Serfs And Western European Peasants
  4. How Pandemics Impact Nations Differently
  5. The Timeline of Apartheid
  6. The Impact of Slavery on The Caribean
  7. The Role of The Catholic Church in Europe in The 18th Century And Earlier
  8. The Impact of Colonialism on Asia
  9. President Carter And Middle Eastern Peace Strategy
  10. The History of The Legionnaires
  11. The Role of UN Peacekeepers in Modern Foreign Relations Strategy
  12. The Role of Patrons in During the Period of Enlightenment
  13. Healthcare in The Dark Ages
  14. Founding of Civilization at The Tigris And Euphrates
  15. Emerging Cities in Africa
  16. Important Bronze Age Discoveries
  17. The Building of The Tombs of Egypt
  18. The Impact of The First Libraries

European history research paper topics include:

  1. How Propaganda Influenced Fascism
  2. Events Leading to WW I
  3. The Rise of European Nationalism
  4. The Causes of The Fall of The Roman Empire
  5. The Influence of Islam in Eastern Europe
  6. Racism in Modern Europe
  7. What Led to Brexit
  8. Is it Possible to Create a Brexit Strategy That Works?
  9. Great Mistakes of Napoleon
  10. How Alexander The Great Changed European Politics
  11. The Cultural Impacts of Forming The EU
  12. The Building of The Chunnel
  13. Great Cathedrals of Europe

Civil War topics for research paper include:

  1. Was The Gettysberg Address Really Transformative?
  2. Why do People Deny The Role of Slavery in The Southern War?
  3. Post Southern War Reunification Strategy
  4. The Impact of The Civil War on The Rest of The World
  5. Negotiating The Civil War Surrender
  6. Greatest Generals of The Union Army
  7. Successes And Failures of Reconstruction
  8. Impacts of The Civil War in Syria
  9. Should The United States Intervene in The Civil Wars of Other Nations
  10. What Caused The Spanish Civil War
  11. What’s The Difference Between a Civil War Soldier And a Terrorist?

9/11 research paper topics include:

  1. How Group Dynamics Played a Role in The Immediate Aftermath of 9/11
  2. Anti Muslim Sentiment After 9/11
  3. The Impact of The Patriot Act
  4. The Reasons For The Invasion of Iraq After 9/11
  5. The Failure to Hold Saudi Arabia Accountable For The Terrorist Attacks on 9/11
  6. The Story of Flight 93
  7. Failure to Provide Adequate Support to 9/11 First Responders

Black history research paper topics include:

  1. What is Cultural Appropriation?
  2. Black Entrepreneurship in American History
  3. The Role of Black Soldiers in The Civil War
  4. Black Contributions to Film
  5. Domestic Labor Strikes
  6. The Whitewashing of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  7. The Rise of Motown Records
  8. Juneteenth
  9. The Intersection of The Civil Rights Movement And The LGBTQ Rights Movement
  10. The Success of The Underground Railroad
  11. The Role of Black Hair in Modern Racism

Topics involving criminal justice include:

  1. Stress Management among Police Officers in Today Criminal Justice System
  2. Is Abuse of Power a Common Habit in Today’s Criminal Justice?
  3. Is the country’s Child Protective Services Overrated?
  4. The role of white-collar crime identification departments
  5. Criminal injustice against blacks a normal
  6. Cybercrime way big for today’s criminal justice system
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