Writing a Domestic Violence Essay

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What is Domestic Violence?

In short, domestic violence is any aggressive action that occurs within a home environment. Within this broad definition, there are several types of domestic violence, to include the following:

  • Actual physical violence against another household member – a spouse, a partner, children elders, or any resident of the premises
  • Emotional and/or verbal abuse of any household member
  • Threats of violence
  • Sexual abuse
  • Economic violence that includes the withholding of funds to meet basic needs
  • Religious-motivated abuse such as genital mutilation

As you can see, the definition of domestic violence is broad and encompasses many actions on the part of perpetrators. 

Sample Domestic Violence Essay

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Some Domestic Violence Facts

There has been a lot of research on domestic violence, especially in the U.S., and the facts will make important evidence for any domestic violence essay that you may write. 

  • More than 10 million women and men in just the U.S. are victims of domestic violence every year. This includes rape, other physical violence, and/or stalking
  • 85% of victims of domestic are female, 15% are male
  • 2 out of 5 gay individuals will experience domestic violence on the part of a partner
  • About 63% of homeless women have been victims of domestic violence
  • Almost half of women and men in the U.S. will experience psychological/emotional aggression by a partner at some time in their lives
  • About 5 million kids are exposed to domestic violence each year, either as victims or observers. Kids exposed to such violence are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, commit suicide, drop out of school, run away from home, engage in prostitution, and/or become abusers themselves
  • 50% of spousal abusers abuse their children too
  • The majority of victims of domestic violence experience some form of PTSD
  • Most cases of domestic violence are not reported; men are less likely to report than women.

Writing the Domestic Violence Essay

You will not be able to produce a suitable essay on domestic violence without conducting some research. And resources, including original research studies, are all over the web. 

Once you have chosen your topic, do the research, and from that research, develop a thesis statement for your essay. For example, you might state the following: “While many people do not understand how anyone can stay in an abusive relationship, psychologists are able to give solid reasons for this behavior.” Obviously, your essay will then provide the psychological reasons that the professionals provide. Searching write my paper for me you will find out how to get your domestic violence essay written by professionals.

Follow the introduction, body, conclusion format for your essay. No matter what your topic or thesis, you must have at least three points to support that thesis, each developed in a separate paragraph with a topic sentence and supporting detail.

Be sure that you create at least a rough outline so that your points are logically organized and the details are all included.

Best domestic violence essay topics:

  1. Why do women stay in an abusive relationship? What is the psychology involved here?
  2. Are some women more likely to get into and stay into abusive relationships? Who are they and why?
  3. How and why are men in abusive relationships treated differently than women in the same situations?
  4. How do abusive relationships impact children who observe them?
  5. What current methods are in place for counseling victims of or witnesses to domestic violence?
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Sample Domestic Violence Essays

You will find sample domestic essays and research papers online, many provided by writing services. Be mindful that you may not use these without risking charges of plagiarism. Review these sample essays for what they can provide in the way of ideas and resources, but write an essay that reflects your style and tone.

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