Best Topics for Argumentative Essay

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The Argumentative Essay

This essay type focuses on presenting arguments on the two sides of the choice of your argumentative essay topics. You could have both sides balanced, or one side is presented more powerfully than another.  This regards the position a writer has chosen on a given issue. The general format for such a structure should be:

  • A good introduction: has a hook, some background, and a thesis statement
  • A body: has at least three paragraphs with your strongest three points
  • Counterarguments: Arguments refuting a given side and supporting a part the writer has taken 

A conclusion: A rephrase of the thesis statement, a summary of major points mainly short statements, a call to attention, as well as concluding remarks.

Crafting an Interesting Argumentative Essay Introduction

If you are still wondering what it means to have a good introduction for good argumentative essay topics, below is how. 

Start with a hook

A hook is a statement that gets the reader interested in a topic.

Items used as hooks in essays include quotes, statistics, or posing a question. If you say that there are more alive than there are dead people in the world, you end up capturing the reader's mind. 

You need a background

The background is useful in making a reader understand the content of your topics even when they are easy argumentative essay topics. The background offers context and history important in explaining and arguing the point of your essay. It initiates the reader into the detailed demonstration of your topic. 

State your thesis

The thesis thinly gives a clear illustration of your stand on a topic. The thesis statement is, therefore, not some option of funny argumentative essay topics but a strong opinion. Your essay offers evidence and explanation to support your thesis. 

Things to avoid in an introduction

Foremost, do not describe any arguments. An introduction only states and sets up your point instead of offering detailed evidence of the content of your essay. Moreover, do not pre-empt what and how you are going to tackle your choice of topics for argumentative essay.

Qualities of an Argumentative Essay

Points need to be clear and accurate. This means that your argument has to be true with facts and data that support your reasoning. 

Claims need to be clear and powerful. Making a statement is not enough if sufficiently constructed reasons do not accompany it. There needs to be strong evidence to concretize every claim made.

Research needs to be valid. Any interesting argumentative essay topics require to be research supported. This means that on occasions, you might read a newspaper, a journal or online article, interview people, or watch informing videos or documentaries. 

There are no apologies in argumentative essay writing. Do not give the impression that it is not clear to you about what you are implying.  Avoid announcing that, “in this essay, I am going to…” Only state the facts and move on. Other deviations weaken your arguments when your argumentative essay needs to portray a strong opinion. Show authority through your statements by avoiding words like just, actually, and really, among others. 

Have a clear transition of points in your essay. Connect the position you have taken into your essay to the arguments of your essay and further issue evidence.

Best topic ideas for argumentative essay

  1. College education should be free for everyone
  2. Any student with a first degree can take an MBA if they want
  3. Sats and acts are not as effective as the hype they get
  4. Drinking a lot of what is an overrated health practice
  5. Using animal species for research should be banned
  6. Technology has made the world an evil place
  7. The age limit for when to possess a gun should be increased
  8. The world has become overregulated
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