Writing a Persuasive Essay

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The persuasive essay definition revolves around an essay that gears towards convincing and compelling readers. Persuasive essays try to convince readers to subscribe towards the author’s or writer’s position.

Writing a Persuasive Essay

Writing a persuasive essay requires a great deal of research as well as persuasive essay ideas. Most persuasive essays angle towards viewpoints that are more informed than others. On this basis, therefore, such essays prompt intensive research.

Persuasive essays mainly involve swaying of opinions of the readers to some particular thinking or construct. Here, the important point is that of convincing readers to believe a specific point.

Sample Persuasive Essay on Domestic Abuse

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Structure of Persuasive Essay

The persuasive essay structure doesn't contrast other essays' structures in significant ways. The contrasts come in the contextual part.

How to write a persuasive essay entails getting it right from the initial preparation process to the actual writing

- Jenkins, 2018

Craft an Outline

Before writing, it is worth coming up with the persuasive essay outline. This will guide the entire writing process. It gives structure and form to the content that will follow. 

The Introduction Tops the Structure

The introduction highlights the mainstay of the essay's topic and thus influences how to start a persuasive essay. At its core, it is the first section that engages the readers or the audience. It contains some key headlines and anchors that help to attract the readers' attention. It also gives a brief highlight of why the reader should engage the essay.

Body of the Essay

This is essentially the most crucial part of the essay. The persuasive essay is all about compelling readers and influencing them. Therefore, you have to infuse all the research findings in this section. 

The body will also form the most substantive section of the essay. It houses all the arguments on the side of the topic that you pick. You should, therefore, work on it to enhance the entire essay.

Work on your Conclusion

The conclusion is primarily the final section of the essay. It rounds up the whole essay and summarizes it in a paragraph or at most two. It also allows for the transition from the body of the essay. 

To come up with a solid conclusion, ensure it reflects most key arguments and is all-encompassing

- Jenkins, 2018

Edit the Essay

The chances are high that there are errors throughout the essay. Editing allows you to make refinements to your work. It helps to improve the essay’s quality and improve the delivery of ideas and thoughts. It also serves to polish the entire work under review.

See this step-by-step process of persuasive essay writing for better understanding:

List of Topics

There is a wide range of persuasive essay topics in the academic scene. Some of these topics are among the highly argumentative or debatable areas in these academic fields. These topics have equally created some degree of attention from various students in different academic quarters.

Is Time Up for the United Nations?

The United Nations is a large supra-national body with operations worldwide. However, the bone of contention has been the efficacy of the UN since its existence. The UN has spent trillions of dollars, but there are vital questions that are coming up about its role, operation, and results. 

This is among the persuasive essay topics that have gained traction among students undertaking social sciences courses.

Why Cyber-attacks Are Important for Intelligence Gathering

In today’s digital world, most activities take place online. It is safe to say so for public and government operations. World over, Intelligence Agencies have been forced to evolve with the times. Spies have increasingly turned to Cyber techniques to collect intelligence. It is a grey and highly controversial area.

However, it is a proper persuasive essay topic. Writers here would be forced to influence public opinion and sway readers on how Cyber-attacks could help to propagate the operations and objectives of Spy Agencies.

Why Smart Phones are Here for Your Concentration

The pervasive effect of Smart Phones in almost all domains of today’s life cannot be understated. Whether it is at the malls, lecture halls, or even when crossing the road; it is common to find people fixated on their smartphones.

These devices are eating away a lot of people’s time. They are also hampering proper concentration. On the flip side, they are enablers. Faster communication, access to news and utilities make them important to own. For a persuasive essay, such a topic would be very fitting.

Why Regular Exercise Helps Your Body

Apart from having carefully balanced meals, regular exercise is essential for optimal health. Balanced diets come across as crucial sources of nutrients in the body. In that same vein, regular exercise helps to get rid of excess and unwanted body fat. This helps in making sure that the body does not develop fat-related complications.

Best persuasive paper topics 

  1. Every public place needs to offer free Wi-Fi internet connection
  2. Kids should take any career path they want
  3. The choice of when to go to church should remain an individual’s choice
  4. College training is not a must for life success
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Infographics also contribute to the body of information and knowledge on crafting persuasive essays.

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