Writing a Nationalism Essay

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What is Nationalism?

Nationalism is a complex term. It can mean taking pride in your country, identifying yourself as a proud citizen of that country. It can also be a political term in which a group of people identifies as a nation, with borders and cultural oneness. And it extends to feelings of loyalty and devotion to your country, surpassing loyalties to any other groups. 

While many think that this concept is quite old, it really didn’t become a political phenomenon until the mid-1800s, as groups of people of one ethnic and cultural identity began movements to rid themselves of the foreign colonial powers that ruled over them. 

Nationalism continued through the 20th century, and, at times, has become so extreme that it has allowed figures like Adolf Hitler to gain control of countries and launch aggression against others, both internally and externally. Today, given the greater diversity within countries, nationalism has given way to globalism in many parts of the world.

The concept of nationalism

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Writing Your Essay on Nationalism

There is definitely a historical aspect of nationalism that any student writing such an essay will encounter. So, you will need to use your coursework notes and text and supplement that with good research. Here is a sequential process for writing your essay:

  1. Choose a topic that can be covered within the specifications of your instructor, especially in terms of length. There are some topics that are just too wide for a two-page essay, for example. Narrow that topic.
  2. Do the research. You cannot be an “expert” on a topic without this. And you cannot possibly choose a thesis until you have facts from other experts. Using encyclopedias, for example, may give you broad, general ideas. But you need to locate resources from true historians who have expertise in the field of your topic.
  3. Develop a thesis statement. What is the main point of your essay? And why should your reader find this important or interesting? If you don’t have a point to make, your essay will be pointless and lacking in focus.
  4. Make at least a rough outline of the points you will be making in the body paragraphs of your essay. This keeps your writing focused.
  5. Write the body paragraphs first, leafing the introduction and conclusion for last.
  6. Pay particular attention to your introduction. This is where you will grab the reader’s attention with a good “hook.” Provide a startling statistic, quote a famous person, or provide a short anecdote. And by the end of that introduction, state your thesis.
  7. Be certain that each paragraph supports your thesis, begins with a strong topic sentence and has enough detail to make your point.
  8. Because research is involved, be certain that you cite all of your sources, within your text and as a reference page at the end.
  9. Don’t think that your first draft is what you will turn in. Review and edit carefully, and then write that final version. It is an academic assignment, and formal English must be used unless you are instructed otherwise.

Best nationalism essay topics:

  1. In today’s international political climate, what examples of globalism vs. nationalism do you find? Choose three and describe them.
  2. Is globalism replacing nationalism? Write an argumentative globalism vs. nationalism essay taking a side on this issue.
  3. Craft a nationalism in India essay that describes the non-violent approach of Gandhi. 
  4. Craft a nationalism in South Africa essay that was actually led by white Brits against their original homeland?
  5. Write a nationalism in the Philippines essay, discussing how the Spanish-American War ended colonial rule, but actually traded it for another.
  6. Write a thematic essay on nationalism, citing three examples in which the concept impacted world political history
  7. Is nationalism ever carried too far?
  8. Discuss President Trump’s view of nationalism and its impact on U.S. foreign relations
  9. In what instances might globalism be preferable to nationalism?
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Nationalism Essay Examples

You will certainly find many nationalism essays on the web – many are provided by writing services or academic writing sites. These essays can provide you with some good insights and even some resource links, but be mindful that your essay must be uniquely yours and originally written.

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