Writing a Career Research Paper

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How to Write a Career Research Paper

Nearly every university student spends time thinking about their career goals. It’s only natural that students will often find themselves writing a research paper on career choice. After all, not only is a career research paper relevant, it’s also an interesting topic to explore.

Sample Career Research Paper

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Career Research Paper Writing Instructions

Research: This is the first part of the writing process. The research sources that you will use will depend largely on the type of research paper you are writing. For example, you are researching hiring and recruiting practices in a certain field, then you’ll want to find some academically sound research sources. On the other hand, if you are writing a personal essay about your choice to go into a specific career, your research is going to be based on your own experiences. In any case, you’ll want to take notes so that your paper covers everything you need it to be.

Career Research Paper Outline: A good outline is the framework of any great paper. Your outline will help you ensure that you have a powerful introduction, strong thesis and that you back all of your points up with good research. Finally, use your outline to help you write a powerful concluding paragraph.

Rough and Final Draft: Once you have written your outline, you can expand on the points you have made to write your rough draft. After that, polish your research paper so that your writing is clear and appropriate for college academics. Finish the writing process by editing and proofreading your paper.

Best career research paper topics

  1. Select a single career option and research it thoroughly.
  2. Compare and contrast two different careers.
  3. Compose a write up of careers in a single category.
  4. The day in the life of someone in ________ career.
  5. Careers that traditionally excluded women.
  6. How to get an internship.
  7. How to get an apprenticeship.
  8. Careers that don’t require a college education.
  9. Careers in art.
  10. Careers in healthcare.
  11. How to fill out a job application.
  12. What should your resume contain?
  13. How AI will change the hiring process?
  14. My experience working as a ________.
  15. Is it possible to start a second career after age 50?
  16. Is it better to work for your passion or for money?
  17. Will automation end the 40 hour work week?
  18. The impact of child labor laws and careers.
  19. How to use your university’s career services.
  20. Do personality tests really help companies hire better people?
  21. The benefits of working from home.
  22. How to find the right career.
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Career Research Paper Sample and Other Help

Hopefully, this article provides you with plenty of insights and information. Even better, we hope you are able to use your research skills to learn more about interesting careers. If you do need more help, we are just a click away. Our writers and editors will be happy to assist you with your career research essay.

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