Essays for a Certain Subject

Writing an Essay by Subject

If you want to study at a professional school — law, medical or business — you will have to write a specialized essay as a part of an application process. Those essays may require you to share something from your personal background, discuss an issue, give a definition to something and more. Apart from professional vocabulary, these essays do not differ from any other of the type, by their structure. 

For your convenience, we have collected samples and created step-by-step guidelines for writing an essay for any subject including:

  1. Psychology

    1. Psychology Essay

    2. Nature vs Nurture Essay

    3. Nature vs Nurture Essay Debate

  2. Literature

    1. Kite Runner Essay

    2. Jane Eyre Essay

    3. To Kill a Mockingbird Analysis Essay

    4. Of Mice and Men Essay

    5. Romeo and Juliet Essay

    6. Catcher in the Rye Essay

    7. Death of a Salesman Essay

  3. Politics

    1. John Fitzgerald Kennedy Essay

  4. Medicine

    1. Nursing Essay

    2. Depression Research Paper

    3. Breast Cancer Research Paper

  5. Sociology

    1. Domestic Violence Essay

    2. Ethical Dilemma Essay

    3. Death Penalty Research Paper

    4. Capital Punishment Debate Essay

  6. History

    1. Causes of the Cold War Essay

    2. Nationalism Essay

    3. Holocaust Research Paper

    4. Holocaust Essay

  7. Ecology

    1. Global Warming Essay

  8. Personal

    1. My Cultural Identity Essay

    2. Career Research Paper

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