Writing a High-School Research Paper

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Dissecting High School Research Papers

High school research papers involve writing a paper about a particular subject, area of concern, or focus. Teachers often give guidelines on writing research papers, but not so when it comes to the topics of those papers. The structure of a high school research paper is simple and basic, and with the right information and guidelines, students can work around their papers with ease. For those that cannot, we recommend using our writing services and order to write my research paper.

Writing a High School Research Paper

For most students, writing a high school research paper is often an uphill task as students do not have the appropriate skills required to write top-notch papers. However, writing a high school research paper is not as difficult as it seems. The process requires an understanding of the subject in question, a thorough knowledge of the topic under review, and the essentials of the writing process.

The process is easy, as it requires working on the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. This basic structure allows students to organize their ideas and thoughts in the simplest form possible.

Best high school research paper topics

Chemistry research paper topics for high school include:

  1. Ways of Combating Air Pollution
  2. The Role of Chemistry in Industry
  3. Water Purification
  4. The Application of Chemistry in Medicine

Research paper topics for high school seniors include:

  1. Death Penalty: Should the Punishment be Abolished?
  2. Economic and Social Impacts of 9/11
  3. Does Divorce Impact Child Education?
  4. Students and Drugs: How Drugs Interfere With Learning

Research paper topics for high school students include:

  1. The Effect of Greenhouse Gases on Climate
  2. Drinking: The Perfect Legal Age
  3. The Role of Technology in Space Exploration
  4. The American Revolution

High school science research paper topics include:

  1. The Importance of Water Treatment
  2. How Sciences Have Advanced Humanity
  3. Plants and Carbon Dioxide
  4. How to Reduce Sound Pollution

Research paper topics for high school students include:

  1. The Three Arms of the US Government
  2. Why Exercise is Important
  3. Climate Change in the US
  4. How to Contain Violence in Sports

High school English research paper topics include:

  1. Learning any Language Efficiently
  2. How to Solve Teacher-student conflicts
  3. How to Write a Research Paper
  4. The Use of English in Business

Biology research paper topics for high school include:

  1. The Effects of Plastic in Oceans to Marine Ecosystems
  2. How do Plants Help to Eliminate Carbon Dioxide?
  3. Making Biology an Interesting Subject to Learn
  4. The Relationship Between Biology and Technology

Physics research paper topics for high school include:

  1. How Space has Empowered Man
  2. The Evolution of the Telescope
  3. How Physics Has Shaped Air Transport
  4. Physics and Computers

Persuasive research paper topics for high school students include:

  1. How the Media Can Improve the Self-esteem of Teenagers
  2. The Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language in School
  3. How Sports Help to Foster Friendships
  4. Why Frequent Reading Inspires Writing
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High School Research Papers: Getting the Structure Right

Working with a structure makes the writing process easy. This is because a structure provides a definitive outline or skeleton that will guide how you place your content.

The introduction is the first section of the paper, and it contains all the background information about the topic in summary form. It also brings up what the topic is about and how the paper or the essay will address it. The introduction is one of the main parts of the paper, and there is a need to work on it to ensure that the course instructor, among other readers, get attracted by it.

The body follows the introductory section, and it is the main part of the paper. All the relevant points and arguments about the paper will fall under this section. For high school research papers, this section could have three to five paragraphs depending on the topic of the paper as well as its main area of focus.

While not much extensive research is needed for a high school research paper compared to college-level research papers, it is important to mold the arguments using some form of information from a textbook or other authoritative information. This will help to solidify the arguments and the content in the paper in general.

The conclusion is essentially a summary of the content in the entire paper. It should reflect, in summary, form, brief highlights of what the paper contains. A final or definitive position regarding the topic or the content of the paper can also feature in this section.

After writing the initial draft, it is important to give it another read to eliminate errors. There could be errors emerging from the initial write-up. Editing helps to ensure that the research paper does not have spelling mistakes and other grammatical that would end up costing your work.

Other Research Paper Topics

High school has no fewer assignments then college. Covering your need for more research paper topics, here is the list of great research paper topics categorized:

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