Writing a Breast Cancer Research Paper

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How to Write a Breast Cancer Research Paper

Breast cancer is a serious public health issue that impacts people from every walk of life. There are very few people who will not have their lives impacted in some way by this disease. Because it is so prevalent, there is much research that has been done and much research that is currently in progress. As a result, breast cancer is a popular topic for students in the medical and healthcare fields. In addition to this, breast cancer is also an appropriate topic for courses in political science, education, even business. This guide will provide you with important advice on writing a research paper on this serious disease.

Your Breast Cancer Research Paper Thesis

Once you’ve chosen your topic, and conducted the appropriate research, you’ll need to construct a thesis. This is the statement that you will support in your research paper.

Sample Breast Cancer Research Paper

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Breast Cancer Outline for Research Paper

Now that your topic and thesis are in hand, you can begin the process of creating an outline. Think of this as a foundation for your completed paper. It will help you decide on the structure of your paper, and choose the most important points to support your research paper.

Introduction for Breast Cancer Research Paper

Your introduction paragraph should contain the following elements:

  • A hook such as an interesting fact about breast cancer
  • A few sentences to introduce the specific topic of your paper
  • Your thesis

Best breast cancer research paper topics

  1. The Impact of Pinkwashing on Breast Cancer Research
  2. The Prevalence of Breast Cancer in Men
  3. Are Natural Treatments Ever Appropriate for Breast Cancer?
  4. What is the Role of CBD in Breast Cancer Treatment?
  5. How to Tell if a Breast Cancer Charity is Legitimate
  6. Providing Emotional Support to Loved Ones with Breast Cancer
  7. Breast Cancer in Film and Literature
  8. New Research in Breast Cancer Immunotherapy
  9. New Treatment Options for Metastatic Breast Cancer
  10. Problems with Current Approaches to Breast Cancer Research
  11. Treatment Options for Patients Who Cannot Receive Chemotherapy
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Breast Cancer Research Paper Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs are the ‘meat’ of your research paper. This is where you will present facts to your readers. Remember to cite your sources, and to rely on data and academic studies to present your case.

Breast Cancer Research Paper Conclusion

Your concluding paragraph should summarize the points made in your research paper. Show the readers how your research comes together to prove your thesis to be correct.

Breast Cancer Research Paper Example and Other Help

If you need assistance with a research paper on breast cancer, we recommend looking at an example paper. We are happy to provide such a paper to you, or assistance with writing your own research paper on the subject of breast cancer. We have writers, editors, and customer support reps who are available to help you 7 days per week.

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