Writing an Argumentative Research Paper

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Overview of Argumentative Research Papers

Argumentative research papers are write-ups that use evidence to support a particular argument or point of view. Argumentative papers involve standing up for and supporting a specific stand on an issue or topic or area of contention. Students often have to research the topic, gather the relevant information, and points that support their argument or point of view.

The outstanding or unique fact about argumentative essays is the amount of research involved. Argumentative research papers require the student to research extensively, and in some cases, even conduct an empirical analysis of the collected data to back up their arguments. We understand it's a lot of work and we are ready to help with anything, from simple questions to writing your research paper from scratch.

Writing an Argumentative Paper

Writing a high-quality argumentative paper requires an augmentation of various things like the general idea of the paper as well as its structure. To come up with a research paper, you have to ensure that you are well-versed in that particular area. This gives you a head start in your writing. 

Given the detailed nature of research papers, you have to craft a plan or program that will allow you to research broadly on the topic. At its core, the argumentative research paper relies on information and evidence to build a case for or against. There are various argumentative research paper topics to pick from to craft an argumentative paper.

Best argumentative research paper topics

Argumentative research paper topics for college students include:

  1. Development of Robotics Should Be Controlled to Prevent Machines From Outpacing Humans
  2. Technology Will Completely Phase Out Newspapers
  3. Fewer Taxes for Businesses Means More Business Activity and More Employment
  4. The Government Should Fund Healthcare

Interesting argumentative research paper topics include:

  1. Private Prisons Should Be Abolished
  2. More Bicycles Will Reduce Air Pollution
  3. The Reliance on Technology is Worrying
  4. Is a College Degree Worth It?

Controversial topics for argumentative research paper include:

  1. The Minimum Wage System Works
  2. The Government Should Pay Student Debt
  3. Eating Less Meat Will Curb Climate Change
  4. Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legalized

Medical topics for argumentative research paper include:

  1. Abortion Should Be Legal
  2. Euthanasia Should Be Prohibited
  3. The Government Should Ban Vaping
  4. The Use of Animals in Research Leads Helps in Breakthroughs
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Structure of an Argumentative Paper

An argumentative paper requires you to formulate a thesis statement that will essentially be the mainstay of the paper. The thesis statement narrows down the task ahead for you, and it makes it easier for you to work your way through the research paper. The research of the topic in question or broadly, the paper will entirely depend on the thesis statement as it is the compass or the guide for the entire paper.

The introduction of the research paper follows the thesis and is usually on a stand-alone paragraph. The introductory section reinforces the contents or the gist of the thesis and provides a brief overview of the topic and the position or argument outlined in the paper. Course instructors and professors, as well as other readers, look at the introductory section before they proceed with other parts of the paper. The introduction is the make or break section, and that is why it is paramount that you invest the necessary attention in it.

The body section follows the introduction, and it contains the major points of the research. In this section, each paragraph should contain a distinct idea relevant to the argument. Here is where further explanations come in as well as supporting evidence. If there is statistical or empirical analysis that has been conducted, then some of the key highlights of the findings need to feature in this section. All evidence here will help to back up and solidify all the arguments in the paper.

The conclusion is essentially the final part of the paper, and it is more of a summary of the whole paper. It is essentially a synthesis or a precipitate of the evidence, points, and arguments that have been put across in the body of the paper. Here, you need to re-emphasize on the thesis, restate your standpoint or argument, and consolidate the main points in the paper.

Chances are high that there are errors in the initial write-up. You, therefore, have to edit and proofread your work to get rid of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and poor sentences.

In most cases, the difference between high-quality papers and mediocre ones is the editing and proofreading work invested.

Editing helps to refine the paper and get rid of mistakes that would have otherwise cost you in terms of quality.

Other Research Paper Topics

The research paper can be argumentative within any subject, so check out the list of great research paper topics we prepared from other fields of study:

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