Writing a Psychology Research Paper

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Psychology Research Papers. What Are They?

Psychology research papers mostly contain research on various interest areas or fields in the subject of psychology. Just like other fields of Science or Art, research papers in psychology primarily advance new information, ideas, thoughts, or theories with regards to specific areas or fields.

There are two main kinds of research papers in psychology, which include empirical papers and literature review.

A literature review is essentially a synthesis or a summary of work done by previous researchers, whereas empirical papers stem from research that involves collected or predicted data. Crafting a psychology research paper requires the formulation of a general topic and having a specific point of focus.

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Writing a Psychology Research Paper

The first step in writing a psychology research paper is determining the type of paper you will write. You could come up with an empirical paper or a literature review. Both papers require you to research, but the empirical paper involves more data collection and analysis work compared to the literature review. The empirical paper requires you to collect data on a particular subject, analyze that data, and use the findings to back and support a specific thesis.

The literature review requires you to look at previous work and use it to reinforce a particular point or to back some point or area of contention. Once you have made a decision on the type of psychology research paper to work on, you need to craft a research strategy that will help you uncover the necessary information relevant to your work. Afterward, you should create an outline that will guide your writing, after which you will use the outline or skeleton to guide your writing.

Best psychology research paper topics

Psychology research paper topics for college students include:

  1. The Relationship Between Junk Food and Mental Health
  2. Do Surroundings Have an Influence on Intelligence?
  3. The Case for School Uniforms
  4. Do Servicemen and Servicewomen require Psychologists?

Social Psychology Research Paper Topics include:

  1. The Impacts of Substance Abuse on Society
  2. Key Negative and Positive Influences on Children Today
  3. Does Socializing Have Any Benefits to Mental Health?
  4. Is Social Media Social?

Developmental Psychology Research Paper Topics include:

  1. The Place of Gender-Based Roles in Today’s Society
  2. Children and Violence: Contributory Factors
  3. The Role of Parental Development in Child Development
  4. Child Abuse: How It Starts and Develops

Child Psychology Research Paper Topics Include:

  1. Divorce and Its Impact on Children
  2. The Link Between Mental Health and Obesity in Children
  3. Children and Music: How Music Shapes Up Children
  4. Negligence or Lifestyle? Obesity in Children

Abnormal Psychology Research Paper Topics Include:

  1. Does Anxiety About School Have an Effect on Adolescents?
  2. Suicide: Causes and Motivations
  3. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the Workplace
  4. Mood Disorders in Children and Adolescents

Sports Psychology Topics for Research Paper Include:

  1. Sports and Mental Health
  2. Why Sports Help to Alleviate Stress and Anxiety
  3. Sports As a Unifier in Society
  4. Physical Education in Schools

Cognitive Psychology Research Paper Topics Include:

  1. Autism and Its Effects on Modern Society
  2. The Influence of Judgments in Decision-making Capacity
  3. Measuring Critical Thinking
  4. Memory Loss: Best Paths to Recovery

Forensic Psychology Research Paper Topics Include:

  1. Divorce and Child Custody and Effects on Child Development
  2. The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished
  3. Growing Out of PTSD
  4. Juvenile Offenses and Mental Health
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Crafting the Outline of Your Psychology Research Paper

The outline is an essential part of the writing process. Before you start writing your psychology research paper, you need to ensure that you have a proper outline that will guide you in the course of writing. While you might think writing without creating an outline saves time, an outline will properly guide your ideas, thoughts, and content throughout the paper.

A proper outline will guide you in the course of writing

There is a need to come up with an introduction to your research paper. The introduction helps to put across why the topic is important and also highlights the history of the topic. You can also infuse your thesis in this section, as it is the main point of concern or focus for the research paper. The introduction has to be catchy, and of high-quality, so it grabs the attention of the readers and draws them to read the other sections of the paper.

When you complete the introduction, you should jump straight away to the body. However, you need to ensure that there is a smooth transition from the introduction to the body of the paper. This will help to maintain the flow of the paper. The body section primarily contains the main findings of the research. This section contains the main points that you have established or found out from the research. Beef up and back your arguments using these points.

The body should also contain content on previous research done on the topic as well as alternate or differing points of view about the topic. In each paragraph, major points put across should be well-backed with the relevant research findings.

The conclusion finalizes the paper, and it contains reflections about the content in the body of the paper as well as the introduction. Remaining questions on the topic as well as a brief explanation of your findings should feature in your conclusion. The conclusion should also contain a summary of what you have covered in your paper.

Other Research Paper Topics

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