Essay Topics

Essay Topics

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Before you decide to do an essay, having options of good essay topics to choose for your essay is imperative. An essay topic anchors you to a given direction keeping you focused towards achieving the purpose of that topic. A good topic encourages you to do a good job researching it and coming up with details about it. Moreover, you can communicate with the audience in a clear manner than when you are working on a topic you do not appreciate.

Types of Essays and Essay Topics Ideas 

The various topics to choose for our essays depends on the essay type.

Argumentative essay topics

These essays talk about an issue and an author's opinion about it. The argumentative essay, in this sense, is comprehensive, giving you arguments for all existing points of view and then analyzing the supporting evidence to choose the most relevant opinion. The idea is to convince the reader to adopt a certain perspective.

An essay idea could be: "Capital punishment: should it be legal?." If someone does not have a formed opinion about that or is in doubt, you manage to win over them in a reasoned way.

Persuasive essay topics

Might be confused with argumentative essays, but here the idea is to sway the reader to an author's side even if it's not so beneficial for them. A persuasive essay may focus more on the emotional side of an issue and doesn't require that accuracy in research as an argumentative essay does. However, a good persuasive essay writer needs to know the audience well.

An idea of a persuasive essay topic is "Adults should be careful not to mislead kids from choosing their own career." 

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

College essay topics do not have to be difficult. Choosing an easy type as one that focuses on the differences and similarities between two items could still earn you impressive academic grades. An example is, “What Makes Bipolar International Relation Different from Multipolar International Relation.”

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Choosing interesting essay topics could also mean focusing on events, happenings, or phenomena. Cause and effect essays allow you to deliver into why something happened and what resulted from its occurrence.  

List of Essay Topics

There are multiple easy essay topics anyone can focus on and still end up with a good grade or amazing recognition by academia or at the workplace. This list of essay topics picked across multiple essay types should get you started. 

Best essay topics

  1. Is it human to have zoo animals caged?
  2. The effects of moving to a new town
  3. College or university?
  4. Fascism
  5. Defining foreign policy
  6. Capital punishment: should it be legal?
  7. Understanding bilateral relation in foreign policy
  8. What makes bipolar international relation different from multipolar international relation
  9. A trip to FAO Rome
  10. Understanding how your smartphone comes into existence
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Choosing Your Essay Topic

Essay topics list to choose from are many. However, before settling one, you need to know what to look for in a topic. If there are multiple choices to choose from, then there are items to consider selecting an essay topic.  

Your career path

An essay can help you in the future. If you are in college or postgrad, chances are that you might end up meeting the concepts you learn in class in your workplace. Such expertise can even appear more credible if you exhibit as something you worked on.  

Topic of interest

Always pursue topics that you find interest in. This is a way to keep yourself encouraged to research the topic. Moreover, be sure to look for a challenging topic to avoid getting lethargic at working on it.  

Knowledge of the topic

Good college essay topics should not be something you have seen for the first time. Be sure to go for a topic that you have some idea about. This makes it easy for you to navigate the subject smoothly, comfortably and naturally, and to avoid appearing speculative but sure.

Informativeness of the topic

Is your topic going to be blunt? A consideration for an excellent essay topic is how informative it is to the reader or anyone that comes across it in the future. Aspire to make an educative difference with your paper always. 

Consideration for choosing essay topics are many. Once you have known what to look for in a topic, what remains is choosing an essay topic idea you wish to pursue.

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