Writing a Romeo and Juliet Essay

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It’s All About the Hook

You’ve probably heard this 100 times over from your English instructors. And you have probably experienced it in those writing pieces you have read. It’s called a “hook,” and it is the attention-grabbing beginning that makes you want to read on. Consider the opening to the novel, A Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”  Journalists use hooks too, in their headlines and in the opening words of their articles. 

So, as you are given Romeo and Juliet essay questions to choose from, or if you have the option of choosing your own topic, you need to figure out how to make your piece unique and interesting for your instructor to read. After all, how many Romeo and Juliet essays do you think that the instructor has read before? He is human and can be bored too but with our write my paper services you will make your hook unique and exciting.

Part of making your essay unique is your opening “hook.” Just keep that in mind as you craft your essay because after it is finished, you will need to put your creativity in gear to create that hook.

Choosing Romeo and Juliet Essay Topics

Note that these possible topics are a bit different from the common ones that students might pick. Anything you can do to make your essay different, through the choice of topic, will make your piece more interesting to read. And it will provide you with more possibilities for great hooks too.

For example, take the first topic from the list below. There is a recent very public case in which Staunch Muslim parents killed their daughter because she insisted on dating a young man whom they did not approve of. You could begin your essay with a short synopsis of that event – a great hook.

Best Romeo and Juliet essay topics:

  1. In Medieval times, upper-class families arranged marriages for their children. In what societies does this still occur today? How are children treated who rebel against this societal custom? Do parents have the right to determine who their children will marry?
  2. Choose the main character from the play other than Romeo or Juliet, analyze that character and compare it to someone you know.
  3. Forbidden love is the subject of other pieces of literature as well as many movies. Write a Romeo and Juliet love essay and compare it to any other related piece of literature.
  4. One of the themes of Romeo and Juliet is the impetuousness of teenagers. Write a personal narrative about a time when you were impetuous. What were the consequences?
  5. What part does fate play in the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? Give specific examples from the play. Has fate ever played a role in your life?
  6. How does hate factor into the play?
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Writing Your Romeo and Juliet Essay

Your structure will follow that of most essays you write – introduction, body, and conclusion. 

Do not write your introduction or conclusion until you have composed your body paragraphs. The only thing you must do is develop your thesis statement. What is the point of your essay? 

Once you have developed your thesis statement, you are ready to craft an outline for your body paragraphs. Each of them must make a point that relates to your thesis statement. You will be using details from the play or details from other sources, depending upon your topic. This step is critical so that you will have a roadmap to follow as you write the essay.

Once you have finished the body paragraphs, you are ready to write your introduction. Think about what would best hook your reader – an anecdote, a quote, or a surprising statistic. Your thesis statement should be included in your introduction.

Romeo and Juliet Essay Examples

You can find a number of essay examples online. Some may relate to your topic; others will not. But, if you find those that do relate, review them. They will give you some ideas and insights for your own writing. Note, we said “your own writing.” You must put your own style, tone, and ideas into your essay – not someone else’s. 

Rather than read already prepared example essays, taking a look at how themes are developed in the play itself may be far more helpful. And if you write your essay after reviewing these types of resources, it is certain to be uniquely yours.

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