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When students receive the task to write a custom essay, they know they are in front of a difficult task. Even though it might seem easier to write an essay where you know exactly the topic and the requirements, the reality is slightly different. Many students are afraid of such essays and would rather search for a custom essay writing service. A custom essay requires an organized mindset and a very clear mind. Moreover, this type of essay requires also detailed research and attention to the tiniest details. When they are asked to write custom essays, many students block as they are not used to following a clear structure and respecting a certain pattern. This is why they would rather pay a custom essay writing company to obtain a good grade and meet the requirements. If you don’t know how a custom essay looks like, then you should keep reading this article.

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Custom Essay Writing Requirements

  • Catchy introduction

When you decide to pay for custom essay writing services, one of the first drafts you will receive from their side is the essay’s outline. This will be the first stage of the collaboration which will help you decide whether you are going on the right path or not. At this stage, you can correct and add any details you consider necessary to obtain a perfect article. Moreover, a custom essay comes also with a very clear number of words. Thus, the article should be split in such a way so that the total number of words is met. Furthermore, the introduction is the first thing that attracts the reader and convinces him to keep reading your article. An introduction should be catchy and give the reader a short glimpse of what he is going to read in the following paragraphs. An introduction should be clear, concise, and it shouldn’t be more than 200 words. Besides, it should have a touch of mystery and make the audience curious about what they are going to read next. Even though it might seem easy to write a catchy introduction, many students prefer using custom essay services and benefit from the expertise of a professional writer.

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  • The custom essay’s body should give relevant details

The custom essay’s body should contain all the relevant details required by the guidelines. An average essay body usually has around 800 words and is made of 3 paragraphs. However, even though you are talking about one topic, each paragraph should introduce a different idea. Thus, your custom essay should touch three points of discussion and give details to keep the reader engaged. Apart from coming with unique ideas, you should also maintain clarity and logic flow of phrases. A custom paper is extremely specialized, and it requires a clear structure from beginning to end. Also, another strong requirement is to back-up each idea with clear evidence. Real-life examples are also extremely appreciated and should be included in the essay’s body. When you introduce examples or statistics from journals or books, you convince your readers that you know that you are talking about and you possess critical thinking. A custom essay writing service knows exactly the rules of such essays and will deliver the essay according to guidelines. Furthermore, you can also add a personal touch to your custom essay and complete the writers’ work with your personal opinion on the topic.

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  • The conclusion is the cherry on the cake

Even though the conclusion comes at the end, it is as important as all the other essay elements. It can be defined as a summary of all the ideas that you outlined in your custom essay. Moreover, the conclusion should be balanced with the introduction. A professional writer knows that a custom essay should be regarded as a circle. It opens with an appealing introduction and ends with a clear and strong conclusion. So, if your introduction has around 200 words, then the conclusion shouldn’t be longer or shorter. The conclusion should support your statement and offer your audience a strong and clear call to action. Your readers will always remember the final paragraph. So, you should give them something very strong to think of and show them how all the ideas presented in your custom essay relate to each other.


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  • Don’t forget about proofreading

Even though you are collaborating with gifted writers, you should always remember that they are humans also. This means that they can also make mistakes. An online customer essay writing service pays a lot of attention to customer satisfaction and will deliver a proofread essay. However, you should still read the essay a couple of times and notice any minor error which might occur. On the other hand, you can also ask your colleagues to read the custom essay as well. A second opinion is always good, and they might see mistakes which you didn’t notice. The more accurate and unique your essay is, the bigger your grade will be.

A custom essay gives plenty of opportunities for students to develop research skills and attention to details. However, not all students can write a custom essay or can focus only on writing. For those students who want to gain professional experience or hang out with friends more, the custom essay writing online services will always be a solution. However, students should still understand the essay’s requirements and know how the structure looks like. This knowledge will help them check the custom essay and give feedback to the writers.

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