No student wants to face a poor grade or worse, an F, because an assigned paper cannot be finished on time or at all. The options they have are few – they can try to find a friend or relative to do it, but chances are they are busy too. Or they can go online and find a paper writing service from among the thousands of companies that advertise their products.

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We encourage all of our customers to provide feedback after their orders have been fulfilled.

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We encourage all of our customers to provide feedback after their orders have been fulfilled.








We encourage all of our customers to provide feedback after their orders have been fulfilled.

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And most students do not even know what to look for as they check out possible companies to use. We can save you a great deal of trouble and make sure that you do not waste your money ordering a paper from a writing service that is not reliable and does not provide original products. Here are the big differences between and most of the others.

Your Paper Writer

When you order a paper from any writing service, you obviously provide the topic and maybe some other detail – length, number of resources to use, and your deadline. Other services will simply add your order to the list they have and allow anyone to “pick it up.” This is because they really don’t worry about the qualifications of their writers – most of them just take existing papers and re-write them. At, things are very different. We ask for length, resources, and deadline, of course, but we want a lot of other detail too. What format style do you need? Are there specific resources we need to use? Are you in high school, college, or grad school? We need to know all of these things because we cannot assign the proper research paper writer without them. You see, each order we receive is matched with a writer who has the right qualifications to write the paper from scratch – completely original and completely customized for the customer’s requirements. Our writers have the right degrees, and they never take a pre-existing piece of writing and try to re-use it – we would catch that immediately, and so will your instructor or professor with simple plagiarism-detection software. Remember – lots of people are writing papers for money, but very few are really qualified, with degrees and academic writing background to do it well. At, we do it extremely well!

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"My writer did an amazing job! Thank you for the brilliant research paper and most of all for explaining everything you did in there! I would have failed without your support."
Find 42 more testimonials that our customers wrote. With the average rating of 9.6/10, TrustMyPaper defends its title of the best paper writing company.

Service Before, During and After the Sale

Even before you actually submit your order to, we have customer support personnel ready to discuss that order and to help you complete the order form with the detail we need. You can call them or go to our live chat option, ask all the questions you have, and get immediate answers. If you need to discuss some unique or complex requirements, that’s what they are here for! Once your order is placed and has been assigned to a term or research paper writer, we still want to stay in contact. You get your own account page on our site and use it to message us or your writer directly. And, as always, you can call or chat too. Other writing services kind of leave you “hanging,” not knowing what is going on. We don’t want you anxious about anything. After you have received the final draft of your paper, we ask that you review it carefully. If you are happy, you simply click “approve” on your account age; if you are not thrilled, you request revisions – tell us exactly what you want to be changed and your writer will quickly see to it. And we always ask for your feedback, because we cannot get better if our customers don’t tell us what went right and what could improve.

You Need Guarantees

Online companies that write papers for money have different priorities. Most are in the business to make money fast and move on to the next customer as quickly as possible. They don’t worry too much about a lot of the same things that students do – plagiarism, confidentiality, writing quality, customer specifications, etc. Because we pride ourselves on providing the very best writing in this business, and because we want long-term customers who use us exclusively, we do worry about those things and have strict policies and procedures relating to them all. When you use, you can always expect the following:

You will always get a research or term paper writer who is eminently qualified to produce your paper. This includes degree type and level, along with writing experience.

Your use of our service is held in the strictest confidence. Firewall protection is in place so that your name and other personal information can never be revealed to or accessed by anyone else. You may want to tell someone that you use us, but we never will.

You have our guarantee that all writing you receive from us is original. We can guarantee this because it will be scanned for plagiarism before it ever leaves our doors.

The quality of writing will never be in question because we have a quality control department that reviews all pieces once they are finished. Structure, writing style, grammar, and citation format are all checked in advance of your receiving any product.

We revise for free. You will never leave us dissatisfied with any written product we have delivered to you. When you want any changes, you tell us – we get them done. Our term and research paper writers have one goal only – your complete satisfaction.

Pricing will always be fair and reasonable, according to the details of your order. We may not be the cheapest writing service, but we are the most reasonable for the quality you get.

Your deadline will be met and your instructions will be followed – no exceptions.

We want to be your writing service for any need you may have. Contact us about high school, undergraduate or graduate essays, papers, and all other types of assignments you may have. Our services are comprehensive, reliable and fast.

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