Privacy Policy

We are very cognizant of the fact that people value your privacy and have concerns about breaches of that privacy when they access websites on the Internet. None of us wants to be inundated with pop up ads, simply because we have visited a site or, worse, become the victim of identity or other cybercrime. does everything within its power to protect the privacy of our visitors and our customers, and we want you to know exactly what types of information we collect, when you visit our site and, as well, when you become a customer by placing an order with us.

We Gather Anonymous and Aggregate Information About Visitors to Our Site

We do track certain information relative to visitors to our site, and this information never personally identifies any individual or entity. In this respect, we are similar to any other site you may visit for the purpose of gathering information. Here are the types of information we collect:

  • The browser you are using
  • Whether you are connecting through a PC, a tablet or a mobile device
  • The pages you visit on our site and the length of time you spend on each page
  • The amount of total time you spend on our site
  • The percentages of visitors relative to the number that become actual customers

This information allows us to improve our site, our visitor’s experiences, and to ensure that people can access all of our pages and information, no matter what device they may be using. If, for example, we detect that certain mobile devices are not getting rapid and easy access to all of our site pages, we can correct that phenomenon. The collections we make are no different from those of any other website on the web, and we do not collect specific IP addresses or any other specific information.

When You Become a Customer

Things do change once you place and order for products or services from Once this occurs, we do have to have some personal information from you. We will ask that you provide you full name, email address, and a contact phone number. We need this information in order to be able to get in touch with you as your order is fulfilled, and your writer may need to be able to contact you directly.

Because we are also accepting payment from you, our third-party SSL certified payment processor will need financial information – credit or debit card information, or bank account routing and account number if you are paying by e-check. If you are paying via PayPal, you will be re-directed to your PayPal account in order to process the payment.

How We Protect Customer Information

Your personal information is fully encrypted on our site. In fact, your writer will only know you by first name and customer ID number. Our firewalls are effective and reflective of the latest security measures used by all major Internet retailers. Personal accounts that are set up for each customer on our site are password-protected so that only that customer can access that account

Customers should also be assured that NEVER will we sell, lease, distribute, or otherwise share any customer information with any other individual or entity.

Our Use of Your Email Address

Most often, we use your email address in order to communicate with you regarding a product you have ordered – to give you a progress update, to request additional information, and to inform you when your order has been completed and is ready for download and approval. However, we also use your address to provide you more general information, such as special discounts or pricing offers and new products and/or services. You can always opt out of receiving emails from us, by following the “unsubscribe” instructions that each email will contain.

Please also understand that we never share or distribute your email address with any other person or entity.

Processing Your Payments

As stated above, we use a third-party payment processor, one that many other major retail websites use. Your financial information is secured with the latest SSL technology and is never seen by any of our staff members. You may use any widely accepted forms of payment, just as you would use with any other online retailer.

Occasionally, a financial institution requires that we verify your identity before authorizing a payment. When this happens, we will request specific identification documents which you may then fax, scan and email of photograph for our use. As soon as your identity has been verified, those documents are purged from our system.

If You Have Questions and/or Concerns

Please contact us immediately if you have a question or a concern relative to our protection of your identity or personal/financial information. We will respond immediately with answers or with an investigation of your issue. So far, we have never had a breach of our protection procedures, but that is not to say that it will not happen in the future. We are continually updating our security measures as newer technology becomes available.

Outside Website Links

Occasionally, there are links to other websites on our site. We do not endorse any of the products and/or services offered by these sites, nor do we guarantee your privacy and security when you link to them. Please understand that our privacy policies end as soon as you link to another site, and we urge you to check out their privacy policies before conducting any business with them. Once you leave our site for another, we cannot guarantee and privacy or security for you, nor can we be held responsible for any consequences that may result from accessing a website from ours.

From time to time, we may update this policy. Please check it regularly if you are a customer. And, as always, if you have a question or concern, please contact our customer support desk. Your security is critical to our business model.