A Plot Summary and Topic Ideas for an Of Mice and Men Essay

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By: Marie Fincher

October 08, 2015

A Plot Summary and Topic Ideas for an Of Mice and Men Essay

When you sit down to write your Of Mice and Men Essay, you will be performing a task that many college students before you have also completed. This book is arguably one of John Steinbeck's most famous books. This book is loosely based on Steinbeck's personal experience working as a migrant laborer in rural parts of California. Steinbeck was highly affected by the loneliness, hardships, and lack of hope that he witnessed among his peers. One of the laborers who really influenced Steinbeck was a large, clumsy man who was mentally disabled. This man became the basis of the character Lennie. To balance that out, Steinbeck created George. In the story George is described as a bright man, a bit of slick salesman, and small in stature. The friendship between the two men is main plot point. Lennie absolutely adores and admires George. George on the other hand gets frustrated with the trouble that Lennie manages to get into, but still feels affection and loyalty towards his friend. George is constantly working to keep Lennie out of trouble, and they often have to move when Lennie causes a mess that George cannot clean up. One of Lennie's biggest issues is that he doesn't know his own strength, and frequently kills small animals that he is trying to pet. In the story, Lennie kills a mouse, then a puppy, and then ultimately causes the death of a woman. This final tragedy puts George in the position of being forced to murder his best friend rather than allow him to be tortured and killed by a lynch mob.

Clearly this is a story that is not lacking in interesting plot developments and extremely well developed characters. This makes the book a very interesting one to read, but that does not mean that it is always easy to thing of good essay topics. Don't worry, as always you are in good hands with trustmypaper.com. We have come up with a list of essay questions and topics that you can use when writing your essay.

  • The only female character who is not a stereotype is portrayed as materialistic and manipulative. Does this reflect a sexist tendency in Steinbeck's writing?
  • Discuss the ways in which Steinbeck uses foreshadowing.
  • How do descriptions of nature make the story move along?
  • Write a character analysis about Curly.
  • Was killing Lennie solely an act of mercy, or was George motivated by the desire to rid himself of the obligation of taking care of George?
  • What did the rabbits symbolize?
  • Examine the relationship between George and Lennie. Why is the mix of a largely, less intelligent person, with a smarter, smaller person such a popular blend in modern writing. Read a plot synopsis of 'Freak the Mighty' for comparison.
  • Read some of Steinbeck's personal history. Is there a character in Of Mice and Men that seems to be autobiographical at all?
  • Consider the following question was Lennie truly an innocent soul, or was he an impulsive brute?
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