The Global Warming Essay

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By: Marie Fincher

August 24, 2015

Is Global Warming Real?

If you listen to the vast majority of scientists in the field, the answer is “yes.” If you listen to many politicians and religious leaders, along with a minority of scientists (some of whom are on the payroll of big oil companies), the answer is either “no” or that there is not enough evidence to support the claim.

Nevertheless, the topic of global warming is a “hot” one, and it comes up in a wide variety of college coursework – biological and physical sciences, political science, history, health, geography, religious studies, education and more. And because of its pervasiveness across academic disciplines, the topics and purposes of a global warming essay are almost endless. Here are some essay and paper types that lend themselves to global warming discussion, and some topics that will fit in many of the content fields above.

The Expository Essay

By its nature, the expository essay is explanatory. An essay, then, will provide facts about global warming in an objective manner. Topics might include the following:

  • What evidence do climate change scientists have that points to global warming as a real phenomenon?
  • What evidence to scientists that deny global warming have that supports their positions?

The Persuasive Essay

A global warming persuasive essay will naturally require that you take a stand and defend it. Whichever side you choose in this debate, you must come up with real facts to support your points – facts that come from sources other than yourself. Here are some topics from which you may choose for the persuasive essay:

  • The majority of politicians who deny climate change do so because they must appeal to an evangelical voting base and because their campaigns are funded by fossil fuel corporations.
  • Big oil companies are funding scientists who report research that supports global warming denial
  • Scientist and politicians are overstating the seriousness of global warming in order to move people to take action

The United States if far behind other developed nations in addressing the issue of global warming

  • If climate change is not addressed, we are looking at wars over scarce natural resources within the next 50 years

The Cause/Effect Essay

There is a huge pool of topics from which to choose for this type of essay:

  • Name a specific cause of global warming and discuss what effect it will have on the planet over the next 50 years
  • Relate the current weather extremes to global warming causes
  • Discuss the effects of global warming on ocean temperatures and levels

The Problem-Solution Essay

Scientists have posed a number of solutions to the problem of global warming, whether man-made or not. While some of these solutions are expensive to design and implement, they insist that over the long run, the cost of doing nothing will be much greater. On the other side are those who insist that global warming is a part of the Earth’s cyclical history and that the pendulum will swing back in the other direction over time. Suppose, for purposes of this essay type that global warming is real.

  • What solar solutions to global warming are there that are currently not in use?
  • How can hydro-electric power be harnessed to power large grids
  • What is the future of wind technology as a solution to global warming?

Global warming is a tough and complex issue to confront in a single essay or paper. Research will most certainly be required no matter what essay type or topic you choose. Organizing and condensing that research will certainly be a challenge. If you are not confident in your ability to produce a global warming essay or paper that will be well-organized and flow logically, getting some professional writing assistance is a great option.

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