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By: Marie Fincher

April 24, 2015

Because of the popularity of both the movie and the book, many students are opting to write a Life of Pie essay. If you have decided to write an essay on this novel, you may be drawn to the symbolism, the compelling characters (human and animal), or the evocative plot that Yann Martel so deftly employs in this book. Unfortunately, one of the most difficult tasks can be thinking of Life of Pi essay topics that are both interesting and original. Clearly, your instructor has read dozens of Life of Pi essays. What you need to do is make your paper unique and original. Take a moment to consider your current Life of Pi essay questions.  Are you truly happy with the options you have right now? If you would like a few additional writing prompts and essay questions, we are happy to provide you with a list of potential topics. We hope you enjoy reading our suggestions!

  • The main character, Piscine Molitor Patel, is deeply spiritual. His faith is extremely important to him. Write a Life of Pi religion essay, exploring the role that spirituality played in Pi's two stories.
  • Search online for Life of Pi essay examples. What are some of the common themes you are seeing? Consider writing a reaction paper to one of these papers.
  • The relationship between Pi and Richard Parker is probably the most notable of the book. This relationship would be a great subject of a Life of Pi analysis essay.
  • Is the central theme of Life of Pi spirituality, or is the central theme survival? Pick which one stands out to you, and write a Life of Pi theme essay.
  • Martel uses the literary element of symbolism frequently in this novel. In fact, even the names of the characters have special meanings behind them. Select five examples of symbolism that you believe make this story more interesting to read. Include these in a Life of Pi symbolism essay. 
  • Using the rules of writing a descriptive essay, compose a Life of Pi survival essay. Detail all of the ways in which Pi had to fight to survive, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The ultimate survival is immortality. Did Pi achieve the ultimate survival? Why or why not?
  • How would you convince a person who was completely unfamiliar with this book to read it? Would you tell them about the characters, or would you focus on the plot? Write a Life of Pi introduction essay that will make your reading audience want to buy a copy of the book for themselves. 
  • Write a character analysis of the cook. Does he have any redeeming qualities? Has the author portrayed him as so cowardly, depraved, and evil that he is essentially a two-dimensional character? Do you think the author uses this character to portray Satan or Judas?

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